try vv and vv finally understand why the wey months to sell the car

review the suv market in 2017, wey brand and vv7, vv5 affirmation is not open around the important topic.because since the date of birth and this brand has been paid close attention to the outside world, plus the two suvs in their respective market segment was quite a remarkable market, want to avoid the car, gu to talk about other models, want to dye is said is not the past.

a lot of people probably never thought, wey will become an excellent representative of local impact high-end car companies nearly two years, in the past is regarded as the chinese brand"forbidden zone"of 15-200000 yuan in the market range, just had fallen on his feet.

so say, is the most intuitive reflect natural sales.

in 2017, listed in october, soon vv7 vv5 and the total sales of more than 16000 vehicles, sales of each breakthrough in november 10000, wey brand with total sales of 65000 vehicles in the seven months, 100000 car sales in nine months.for a start-up and positioning high-end brand in china, wey can have such a market performance has surprised many people.

cars sell well, the most direct driving force is vv7 and vv5 actually just listed, rut jun has already drive experience in both models, respectively, at the same time be pleasantly surprised to find some weaknesses and shortcomings.recently, rut you tried after upgrade and optimization of vv7 vv5 and compared before and after have some obvious different taste.

vv7:advantage need to develop, short board up more

about vv7 this wey famouse brand, recently have many friends interested in it, and asked the rutting jun vv7 exactly how.combined with our experience, actually rutting jun is very happy to recommend vv7, because wey on vv7 did under the kung fu, the official price of 16.78 188800 yuan relatively high performance-price ratio.but there is a premise condition is, you must personally driving and ride in the vv7, see whether in line with their own needs and expectations.

this is because the vv7 is the comparison of the advantages and disadvantages of a midsize suv, the advantage is focused on the ride comfort, material, workmanship, both inside and outside design, main passive safety, technology configuration, etc., but short board is clear, that is, dynamic control, fuel economy and transmission matching.

after the initial contact vv7, these advantages is worth affirmation, is worth looking forward to is for make up for their own short board, after all, if you want to become more comprehensive and more universal, this step is very to ensure that existing good ride experience, on the basis of further enhance power system perfect degree is a problem, this time after gearbox tcu upgrade vv7 gives the answer.

frankly, vv7 used the seven-speed wet dual-clutch gearbox after performance is not grab an eye, to ensure the smooth of shifting to sacrifice a certain shift speed, want to fierce drive gearbox is not particularly willing to meet you, of course, as a family car instead of walking, usually really intense driving time will not too much, ordinary drivers do not have the touch of the obvious.

it should be pointed out that, after tcu software upgrades, the seven-speed dct performance"clever", is the most important embodiment of gears when switching action becomes clean and neatly, don't have the kind of the feeling of hesitation before.though the dropping gear speed is less popular dq250 dsg gearbox, but for vv7 such a comfortable way for midsize suv is"smart"enough.

in found more quickly when directly at the same time, after a tcu after upgrading the seven-speed dct transmission up to block becomes active, there will be no allows the rider to aware of the need to rise to block, because before this, gearbox has quietly to block a rose up.this is the benefits of engine efficiency, less noise and improve fuel economy.

to summarize, the vv7 seven-speed dual-clutch gearbox after the tcu upgrade, easy to detect changes, the first is the comfort level improved, reflected in the low speed crawl and frequent deceleration, switch gears from setbacks and moving weakened a lot.and then the response time and motion, lifting gear will no longer hesitate to shift time significantly reduced at the same time, to better understand the drivers of mind.

since the latest vv7 has so much improvement and optimization, so the old owners will have opinions.don't worry, if you want the gearbox to be more perfect, the old owners can upgrade to the wey to tcu sales outlets, after the upgrade will likely give you"back to the first love"feeling.

in addition to driving level, a lot of people are initially attracted to vv7 i'm afraid it is out of shape.vv7 design inside and outside circle for it to the fans, this kind of lay particular stress on coupe style of suv model comes from the original bmw m series design director pierre le clegg's hand, so we can find vv7 in style and works before pierre le claire-bmw x5, x6 have in common.

the modelling of interior though less so gorgeous appearance, but also no good.

in the outlet and position control buttons can find some other brands models of shadow, but integral atmosphere of the interior has advanced sense, workmanship and materials for this price models are very good.vv7 configuration level adequately cater to the domestic consumer preferences, simply be only within the price cost function, can hold to mount.especially the acc adaptive cruise, active braking such active safety equipment, vv7 did all the standard.

actually vv7 the advantage is that most owners benefit driving and ride comfort, compared to the others looked great appearance modelling, you sit comfortable is the absolute principle.

vv7 ride comfort in the first seat aspects, leather leather is exquisite, filling soft, will have a feeling that sat on the sofa.then the chassis set-up, feels like a piece of thick pudding, run over passing the slight turbulence and give full play to its vibration absorbing and flexibility, and not feeble and lax.

there are car jingmixing, due to the use of a lot of sound insulation materials, degree of interior quiet vv7 beyond the mainstream models with price of the ambient noise or driving in the road noise, chassis noise, belong to a satisfactory level.

vv5:don't be fooled by the appearance similar to the vv7

this rut jun also for vv5 experience once again, the reason is"again", because last year vv5 just when i couldn't wait the first test, the impression of the compact suv is concentrated in the article.(portal:the compact suv, why do you want to spend more money to buy a wey vv5?")

half a year later, again contact vv5, further to firm up the case on the previous evaluation for it.

the first vv5 is not the simple narrowed vv7, because vv5 based on harvard h6 platform to build a new generation, so will it as a luxury version of the new h6 is more, it is not hard to understand why the vv5 and vv7, looks almost would be significantly different at the driver level.vv5 character is more flexible and agile, steady and missing a little slow.

although the use of the same vv5 is 2.0 t engine+7 speed wet dual clutch power combination, but have differences with vv7 in calibration and calibration.vv5 2.0 t turbocharged engine straight belongs to the low power version of 4 c20, parameters are slightly lower than the 2.0 t engine vv7, but with the use of electronic-controlled turbocharged technology, coupled with the curb weight is reduced, the actual dynamic performance and response of vv5 appear more passionate.

if you are young, more suitable for vv5 actually.more lively, seven-speed dual-clutch gearbox on the premise of guarantee the smooth degree, the shifting speed and response time have more pursuit.and vv5 chassis more emphasis on the tight feeling, suspension for roof support roll is more powerful, for young vv5 movement is an attractive place.

the car is also this kind of thinking, while the interior of the whole modelling for vv7 style, but in the details highlighted the sports atmosphere, such as instrument panel at the top of the red stitching design.also important, vv5 interior materials and workmanship not shrink because of the level is reduced, the overall performance and vv7.

the last two sentences

by experience is not hard to find, vv7 vv5 and the two suvs and compared with the harvard product platform, where tangible has obvious increase, driving quality and ride quality is also advantage.after the gearbox tcu upgrade, vv7 power system become more perfect.price of 15-163000 yuan vv5 positioning was slightly lower than vv7, but the overall perfect degree and the degree of equilibrium of power does not discount, and filling the dynamic control and fuel economy of the two vv7 not very good at short board.

in 2018, the next time, wey will launch more new models, including based on vv7 create plug-in electric hybrid suv, p8 and positioning between vv5 and vv7 vv6, meet the needs of market segments.

in 2018, wey, set the 250000 sales target for order to achieve this goal, in 2018, wey brand across the country will have 300 4 s shop was put into operation, it is very important for wey, because only let more people are more likely to actually come into contact with, including vv7 and vv5 models, can put the product and brand strength, so as to attract and impress potential buyers.

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