dongfeng honda announced & quot oil door & quot countermeasures would recall the crv

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on february 12, an official dongfeng honda cr-v"oil gate"incident has made a further response, said it had confirmed that machine will not appear before the oil surface ultra limit to 30 mm motor dysfunction.machine oil surface ultra limit 21 mm, may appear engine trouble light on(fire), recommended to 4 s shop nearby to inspect as soon as possible.dongfeng honda engine testing of qiqihar tousuche, no engine wear and damage.the engine under conditions of high speed endurance test, nor the engine wear and damage.

this, dongfeng honda announced the corresponding policy of"oil".first of all, will be ecu upgrade(ready to recall, in late february recall cr-v, early march recalled the civic).second, fixed oil foot scale line(upper limit and lower limit is not change, confirm the oil increment scribed line), it should be pointed out that, the oil scale increase scale rather then a red line, rather than change the on-line calibration.third, the revised user manual.dongfeng honda has made a reflection to the incident, saying the oil increasing problems only appear in china, because of the adaptive adjustment is not enough for the chinese market, and then through the corresponding policy, believe that 99% of the vehicles will no longer appear such problem, also assure the owner, the above countermeasures will not to influence power and emission performance of the engine.

51 auto, dongfeng honda officer direction cr-v is carrying in cylinder direct injection turbocharged engine, it is through the fuel nozzle directly sprayed into the combustion chamber, was ejected fuel, there will be a part of the fuel gas attached to the wall of the combustion the process of piston compression, are attached to the cylinder wall a few gasification fuel will pierce through oil ring inside the crankcase.under normal circumstances, some of the gas fuel blended into the oil, the oil through the engine run for heating, gasification or atomization of the fuel would further volatility.

as you know, the oil crankcase is a sealed system, volatile gas fuel to through the pcv valve through the intake manifold again into the combustion chamber, which is pushed the mechanism of the whole engine operation mechanism, to enter into the cylinder for combustion and then discharge out again, this is not a special operation system, but the general mechanism of turbo engine.

increase in the number of most of the oil has received complaints, the oil level super limit phenomenon area highly concentrated in the northern cold region, the oil emulsion area, no obvious concentration.dongfeng honda engine oil to complaints of all models has carried on the investigation, this research results by the oil level cap of 20 mm below 95%, have not yet received the formula of damage as a result of rising oil complaints.fault on complaints, concentrated in the northern cold area, oil dilution rate is high, no fault on the southern region, oil dilution rate is the same time, dongfeng honda, officials said the oil level increased to 30 mm, function guarantee is no problem, is more than 21 mm alarm lamp may be warned, but when more than 31 mm, engine function cannot be guaranteed.

in the research, dongfeng honda will be added and qiqihar tousuche experimental car, the same amount of gasoline+water experiment engine sliding parts without exceptions, such as friction and abrasion of engine did not reduce the service life.(choose samples because of qiqihar district vehicle is very representative, because warm-up time is very short and distance is very short.)

in 2018, dongfeng honda will from rapid growth to quality growth, officials hope to put forward the countermeasures to help customers to continue to build confidence in the honda, through recalling solutions such as hope that consumers continue to rely on dongfeng should be pointed out that, dongfeng honda will continue after the recall for the implementation of"extended warranty policy".

extended warranty policy:dongfeng honda will to pick up a whole new generation of 1.5 t engine cr-v, the tenth generation new civic, jed, ur-v(specific object scope of vehicle will be subject to dongfeng honda official), will extend the engine warranty to six years or 200000 kilometers(dongfeng honda sales services will be the owner of engage by special arrangement extended warranty agreement separately).

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