east the began to investigate!technical shortcomings is crv series of oil is not the case?

there are professionals said that in order to improve the combustion efficiency, honda 1.5 t straight engine during cold start, ecu to control the engine nozzle with two"injection", specific fuel injection quantity not good control, spray rate under low temperature condition is not enough, will in the form of liquid in the cylinder wall, not such as volatile in the tank was scraped piston machine, makes the oil surge.

ecu is what?

ecu(electronic control unit) electronic control unit, also known as the"driving computer","on-board computer"and so on, use a simple word to describe is"ecu is the brain".

ecu has the function of operation and control the engine at runtime, it gathers the signal of each sensor, operations, and will be the result of the operation into a control signal, control the work of the controlled object.

so, cr-v string of oil, what is the relationship between ecu?

this is from the car cold start.have professionals said, in order to improve the combustion efficiency, honda 1.5 t straight engine during cold start, the ecu to control the engine nozzle with two"injection", it is necessary, but it is self-defeating, because there is no good control of specific fuel injection quantity, condensation rate under low temperature condition is not enough, will in the form of liquid in the cylinder wall, not such as volatile in the tank was scraped piston machine, makes the oil surge.

the weather was cold, the engine during cold start injection quantity is high, the mixture concentration is relatively higher, under the situation of this vehicle ignition.otherwise technical experts said, the two injection from principle is necessary, fully mixing of oil and gas, combustion efficiency, in some cases can even to cool the engine, volatile liquid can reduce the temperature in cylinder, but in the cold start state, the control of fuel injection quantity more climate factors need to be taken into account.

if the expert is right, that is to say, ecu control engine nozzle is twice its"injection", fuel injection quantity.

so directly to the engine oil nozzle less fantasy does not line?if sure is failure due to improper injection quantity, it is only need ecu program to write it again.ecu adapted now also many, it's not a problem, what's more, for honda such international auto enterprises.

but it seems to be a numerical calibration software, but need huge data support to reset and change, also should make a huge number of tests.to solve this problem, so i'm afraid i need some time.

the control of fuel injection quantity, about the power, fuel consumption and running stability, and many other aspects, this is a car in the manufacturer's top secret, so also the east temporarily don't hesitate to say 123 to about this.

the effects of cr-v owners?

string to gasoline engine oil, certainly will dilute oil, and turbo engine must be of high viscosity, the oil film thicker oil to resist friction reducing wear and tear, oil dilution, engine wear is quite serious.first the cylinder wall is worn thin, cylinder closed lax, car is boring.grinding again much, cylinder wall is more and more thin, under the force of the explosion, exploding cylinder directly.

in the east the manufacturer also quiet situation, has been the pit consumers at present can only be an oil change, but also often focus on the oil increment, according to the specific circumstances decide oil change frequency;after oil dilution may cause the engine wear and replacement of some high viscosity oil can reduce the side effects.in addition, also add some hot car in winter time, and avoid frequent short-distance travel, reduce the number of cold start.

a thing here is over?no!

since january 13, the outbreak of changchun hundreds of drivers pull banners activist, cr-v like plague swept across the country.in the dongfeng honda 4 s shop"gives the response to 'oil door' words, said is extremely cold case case, not quality problem", cr-v owners across the country opened the hood.

then began yesterday, cr-v owners across the country have said they check live to measure the 4 s shop after the oil phenomenon more serious.at this point, you can at least show that cr-v series oil not only 20 degrees below zero cold situation occurs".

the civic owners have caused the engine cover

in addition, more than 1.5 t of cr-v has a problem, civic, urv, jed's 1.5 t also has a problem, because is the same engine.

now seem reason also know, it is very big also.

in the first place, not only in the minus 20 ° cold will appear the oil increase, many parts of the country's own cr-v owners said the oil abnormal increase;second, not only is the cr-v oil increased, the civic waiting too.

anyway, manufacturers need to do now?as soon as possible to, not to recall!

whether during cold start and engine ecu computer control of the nozzle injection quantity properly, the oil increase, now to be sure, honda 1.5 t engine causes loss of the honda car owners receive for more model.dongfeng honda, should stand up and say a word at this time?

as of the time, began bantering elimination from friends media news"dongfeng honda is organizing technology pr, i will release the official instructions", this is a good news, on the one hand, acknowledged that the oil increase;manufacturer, on the other hand, is finally starting to do something instead of pr, delete.

there are 4 s shop, said if the vehicle's engine oil quantity is beyond reasonable range and inconsistent with normal phenomenon, cannot be handled after inspection, a free oil change.they also say that depends, of course, every car need to store test.

if you inform the owner change the oil in to 4 s shop repair 4 s shops do not give in free, please also rational processing, avoid conflict, to remember this number:12315.

of course, in the oil will not solve the fundamental problem, the fundamental problem is to the east the manufacturer to solve, also need such as the east factory technical appraisal after rectification measures are given.

another angle to think, even if the investigation now, also not necessarily can give a honda car owners a satisfactory answer, that chinese people love enough without zhundong this honda, to death.

in the end, please the cr-v owners continue to focus on automobile consumption report, if have the latest progress, began bantering elimination will be immediately notified.

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