i sold a year to buy the first batch of tesla models

this week, a group of space enthusiasts hidden in exposed the circle of friends, believe that drivers are then heaven's tesla roadster is moved.tesla this name, and trend on the equal sign again.

than in previous years, running on the road of brand tesla's car is a lot more, but considering the tesla weak mass production capacity, if want to use a car as soon as possible, second-hand car market should be a good choice.

but who would sell tesla?

we found that sell tesla, reasons for the same.

my friend lao wang to buy tesla you feel the car is good, but more than a year after decided to sell it, and finally sold to more than 30 lower than the buying price, is determined.

he said, to sell the car because just to start with and imagine different, senior tesla doesn't seem to give him that kind of feeling, and because of quality problems in some places damaged more let he determined.

at the end of the interview, while family leave, lao wang told me in a low voice, the most important reason is the opposition of the family for the new brand, lao wang's wife, if don't agree.

as for his car now, because for advanced sense of persistence, and the speed of love, opted for a sports car, probably pharaoh's wife also prefer the new sports car.

another friend of mine, once tesla owners judy said, novelty is too important.then buy the tesla but also for the company to her feelings, fresh and different.but after a period of time, feel no sense, basic will open other car out in the home, car is in there, then a friend want to transfer.

the first batch of tesla's owner, buy quality may not be, but a feeling.whether"advanced", novelty, or simply because of elon musk personal desire and appreciation, are they not hesitate order to pay for.when the feeling fade, tesla this brand of car in domestic road gradually many, the much more open person, not surprising, bored, and there is no reason to need to continue to leave the car.

these there is no need to stay tesla, like all brands of used cars, flow into the used-car market.

two years ago, mr f is inherited from second-hand car market opened 10000 kilometers of the model s, a price is cheap more than 20 new car.he buys the reason is simple, economical and practical to have a face.and feel very good with down, as for the maintenance of nothing any problems, don't worry.

that most second-hand tesla sellers are also with mr f with the same mood to take it home, they and other car buyers in the used-car market and there is no big difference.

can use cheaper price to close to their favorite car, is a kind of happiness and good luck.

in order to understand the tesla's used car market, we have found mr michael parity used car ya-min zhou, general manager of shanghai beautiful day.

according to zhou, the main reason for the effect of second-hand tesla volume are:the resale value, liquidity, and handover maintenance problems.

mr zhou said, second-hand electric cars the resale value of the real situation is:better than other domestic brands used car, but compared with ordinary fuel for the car is still less.

some reports said tesla resale value is very low, even disastrous.mr.zhou explained this kind of situation, specially because second-hand electric vehicle valuation is affected by the mileage is very big.some reports in the tesla is out of the rental market, mileage particularly big, so valuations are lower accordingly.

due to tesla cart itself in the domestic quantity is not very big, owners rarely sold out, so is basically in a state of equilibrium, there would be no mass, there will be no mass purchase.as for license plate, because the license is from the government, so brand the accessory.but need to deal with mobile charging pile, there will be a fee.if there is no charging pile, will need to apply for like a new car.

the most key factor or mileage, mileage, the more liquid the worse, because the owner for later maintenance and battery service life will be more concern.if the price is right, tesla and common fuel used car sales cycle, almost in a month or so.

at the beginning of the tesla generation owners, chi who love their car, should still accounts for the vast majority.

my boss, miss ma is elon musk no fans in the brain and brain fans, in 2014 tesla for ceremony in beijing and in shanghai meet the owner of the ceremony he was at the scene, of course, she is one of tesla's first chinese owners.as long as a speaking of elon musk, her eyes flashing very happy.

, according to her first saw idols, found with their impression and image of the media is totally different.privately musk to talk a little shy, nervous, and even tongue-tied, with most of the people's eyes the reality version of the iron man.for the tesla, all have not seen her car went to pay the deposit.although now feel life significantly decreased, but the car still can open, is too lazy to sell.

but miss ma in tesla owners should is the exception, in the four years, never go back to 4 s shop, opened four years car, there is not even the tire change.whether love idol prolong the service life of the car?however, the boss said, she will always open the car down.

i remember in 2014, tesla ceo elon musk accepted an exclusive interview, he said:"i think the model s is probably the best car."he may, however, think that china's first generation of tesla will now in the used-car market into a relatively awkward position.of course he is not thinking about these.for iron man, the only direction is the way forward, and these, is a small matter, need not stop.

i'm in a used car site access to about 2014 tesla's quotation, when 80 w home car, now sell only 40 w s, played almost half price is still less.but i am not a used-car market, not to buy to sell, may be your own impressions will be biased.

what kind of car to buy, what kind of car use, everybody is good.belting along the lunar crater on the moon, in the old garage dust rust or not, as long as you like, is a very romantic.

maybe you have been very reluctantly give up a car himself very like, maybe you are still in a other people think that old car instead of walking, you must have their own story, leave a message and we talk about, we will randomly presented tomica models in the message.

edit/song siji liu

writing/brown eyed soul


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