law the car car to find the car horn, japan and find a handbrake these designs that you have met?

today is constantly improve living standards, more and more private cars on the road, although can drive a lot, but there are still a few owners knowledge don't understand, a few simple say to you about my car today is partial knowledge of the door.

1.the car is generally not seal the skylight and completely waterproof

car sunroof is left and right side of the two slides, guarantee the skylight slide back and, in front of the slide around two angle, is the scupper skylight, is between the two drain a water chute, rain on the skylight, water will enter the water chute, and then flows to the drain on both sides of the, then the drain connection is a drainpipe, passes through a column, the diversion to the front tire fender is expelled.of course there are also behind the skylight to drainage holes on both sides, the drainage holes to flow out from the c pillar of the check regularly maintenance skylight sealing strip and tubes, such as the drain plug, water seeping from day everywhere, and drop into the interior, if broken, will cause the car a column, c column ooze water.aging and skylight sealing strip, can also cause a skylight ooze water.

2.the law is car citroen car horn?

a friend jokingly said the law first thing is to find the car horn, for example, in addition to the peugeot 505, fukang car was among the first to enter the domestic legal system, its horn design in the headlight switch on the left side of the buttons, rather than in the middle of the steering wheel, sega horn design is at the bottom of the air sacs, sega, triumphs are fixed integrated steering control, the steering wheel disk picture of the central part of the fixed design, not as the outer plate edge, the driver on the premise of hands without leaving the steering wheel to complete all operations.

3.unique foot brake design

the working principle of the foot brake and handbrake is same, all is through steel wire is connected to the rear brake to brake the car, but the foot brake operation in a different way, but now the rise of the electronic hand brake foot brake has began to disappear, now in the light of the foot brake the car model is not much, mainly used in japan and south korea automatic-shift cars of the high-end brands, such as the toyota camry, highlander, reiz, crown, lexus es, nissan teana, modern figure, kia k4 and other models, so borrow friends these cars, don't be silly looking for hand brake.

4 doors, bullet out where you want to when

in many movies and tv sitcoms can see leading role with the doors or bullet train, which has related experiments at home and abroad, car door is completely unreliable bullet, the thickness of the doors are generally very thin what we see is just a layer of skin, to wear at a blow, glad of the bullet is best the anticollision beam inside the door, so well have a chance, so if you really want to block the bullet, so only engine will be able to do it, because the nacelle the most complex and thick.

5.hand brake is a brake front wheel or rear wheel

a handbrake professional auxiliary brake is called, in contrast to the mechanism of brake, it is to use steel wire connected to the rear brake shoe, as for the car braking, long-term use of the hand brake wire causes plastic deformation, due to the deformation is irreversible, so long-term use can reduce utility, handbrake trip also increases, there are some cars and large trucks, is the brake wheel, but most of the ordinary vehicle is given priority to with brake rear wheel, so you will see a lot of drift is relying on manual to help drive play before.

6.several brands of the world history the longest

below is drawn global 18 2016 car companies, with more than one hundred years history for two years, they have big two years old.

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