as domestic bmw can also use mobile phone to manipulate it wan suv?

today bring models is

a wide-bodied at the brilliance of suv as v6

price:87900~ 141900 yuan

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let's talk about today's leading role

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from the appearance on the v6 give a person the feeling is very wide, good visual effect.on the design of the front face and bmw similar elements can be found.

on both sides such as front bumper and some similar air vents in the bmw models of design, can give the front wheel brake cooling.

interior design

the interior of the chinese v6 is the design of the double color, adorn the suture, with 10.4 inch screen, have a certain sense of class.

at first glance is very concise, many functions are integrated in the control panel, such as air conditioning temperature control, etc.

the appearance of the vehicle at system much like a device, the reaction is faster, and support the voice control, adjustable temperature operated by hand points faster than they supports the internet, can also listen to music online, querying, weather, etc., it is convenient to use.

in addition, the system can also realize the split screen operation, we can listen to music, for example, at the same time can also see the navigation and humanization.

more features to go to the video~

today we try the car has a special function, support phone app and interconnected operation of the vehicle, the entire app operate more smoothly, and the switch interface reaction is very fast.

configuration rich

the v6 configuration is very rich, including the above 10.4 inch screen and automatic parking, electronic hand brake is all standard, as we today the test drive, 360 ° panoramic images, vehicle-mounted wifi, hill auxiliary, keyless into etc.

the v6 fission fold down rear seat support 4/6, trunk space can also further expanded.

but the rear seat cushion is lower, ride for a long time, on the leg holds more general.

to drive?

the chassis set-up driving quality is good, mainly is the partial comfort set-up, cope with bumpy road more addition to the two minimum distribution models, high match the suspension is independent of the model, to comfort should help.

v6 steering feel lighter, coupled with the line of sight is better, most people should feel better.overall performance is good, but the engine when accelerating noise a bit obvious.

1.5 t subjective acceleration power to the person feel good, 2, 3, speed up soon, the basic 2500 turn will shift, power is enough for daily drive.

the v6 seven-speed dual-clutch gearbox from fiat, the response of the gearbox the slower, daily open no problem, this set is also now common practices for the dual-clutch gearbox independent brands, for the sake of durability.traffic jam when low speed with a car, there will be a little bit of frustration and rush to move feeling, it also belongs to the double clutch common shortcomings.

however, the advantages of the dual clutch transmission efficiency is high, the fuel consumption has certain help.

to work for a few days, the actual table show consumption of 10 s, the average speed of 26 km/hour, the comparison for beijing traffic congestion, plus the car head is not small, the result is at ordinary times, it is recommended to use eco mode, for better comfort.

well, today's content will be here, in general, with the price of the 100000 s, you can buy such an suv, household, walking is good.

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