drive superior compiled years driving skills is all you need most!

is the basis of safety technology and experience, good driving technology is a kind of art.below is the master drive hard a year to sort out some driving skills, many of whom are strain skills.good things to share!skills for

a:how about car before and after judgment is apart from the

driving on the road, we first have to determine is line and the location of the center line, as well as the vehicles before and after.but it is difficult for are a few picture you church.

car closer to the center line and the side of the road:60 cm best

when left wiper bump node object coincides with the earth, is in the position revolver had

when the angle of cut glass wool board and a column and line overlap, the body is away from the center line is 60 centimeters.

when right wiper nodes and roadside overlap, direction slightly to zola, can achieve 10 centimeters away from the side of the road to pull over

the vehicles before and after judgment:anti collision

benefit from a judge in distance:

1, from under the windshield along see car bumper, along with two cars are about one meter apart;

2, from under the windshield by vehicle bumper along along the two cars are around two meters apart;

after the rearview mirror to determine distance:

1, after all the shadow of the rearview mirror, car from about 3 meters;

2, after the car shadow two-thirds of the rearview mirror, car from about 5 meters;

3, after the car shadow when one half of the rearview mirror, car from about 9 meters;

tip 2:while driving skills

1, get on the car first:get in the car watching out of the car are the external conditions, tires, car underneath the oil leakage.if a week didn't open, before driving to check the oil, brake oil, cooling water.

2.a:if the second start not only can increase the load of the engine, and can lead to wear and tear of the clutch, so cars, no matter how much volume should be a start.

3, with gear brake:belt brake block engine braking force, and controls the synchronization of two driving wheels can prevent brake when wandering.particularly important is that gap when the brake booster auxiliary force will be greatly when the car is going to stop, and then stepped on the clutch, back to the gap, in case the stall.

4, bus station is in danger, often in a great hurry to run across the road after the passengers to get off here.there are individual bus outbound don't make a be careful when i passed by him.

5, limber suddenly out of the way of the danger, car suddenly out of the way, don't rush forward overtaking, probably may occur in front of the emergency.

6, delay stall:driving a chance for a long time in high temperature condition, if the parking stall, immediately after will have damage to the the right thing, to keep the engine at idle speed state run 2 minutes off again.

three skills:when parking skills

1, roadside start or stop to play a turn signal:the road departure or temporary parking, must open the turn signal in advance, and observe the rearview mirror, determining no car, no pedestrians to stop.

2, car door:should choose bright, spacious, accessibility, stadia away stop, don't hide in dark corners.parking is best for a long time into the parking lot.

3, highway parking:special circumstances need to stop, to stop on the emergency lane on the right side, and double flash, triangle brand on the car after 150 to 200 meters, 50 meters is not put.

4, roadside consequent parking skill:the road forward only one parking space, can only choose back into place.methods:go forward, let oneself of the rear and front to the rear of the alignment.1 meter away from the car, parking.back to the right foot wheel, 45 ° angle slowly back.when the front and the back end of myself as a straight line, quickly turn the steering wheel to the opposite direction, back slowly, basic can parked car.

5, don't put anything in the car, the car had collected items, from the outside can see the parts not interested in things of others.put an empty purse, probably smashed windshield glass!

skills 4:fuel-efficient skills

1, maintain the best speed:the most fuel efficient driving state is uniform motion in a straight line, the most fuel-efficient speed small-engine cars is 60-80 km/h, of cars is 80-100 km.

2, not malicious braking:if the previous need parking, should receiving early slide with gear deceleration, not rushed to the front brake hard.actual consumption is precious gasoline, brake is more hard, more waste.

3, tire pressure, tire pressure is normal.tire pressure too high or too low, can increase fuel consumption.automobile tire pressure must be strictly according to the requirement of the various car manual.summer heat, in order to prevent pavement fever, especially when running a long distance tire tire inner gas expansion, the pressure increase many, may slightly reduce a little pressure, reduction of 10%.

4, half a tank of gas, reduce weight, is to reduce the fuel consumption.don't have a full tank of gas and run faster route in the city, this is the"fuel oil"!considering the petrol pump is installed in the tank, radiator cooling on gasoline, so if not out of town, keep half a tank of gas and the the same time, the car must be concise, less weight, save oil.

tip 5:go out against skills

1, the measured gas:only by sinopec and petrochina gas station.

2, driving rob:driving, a deliberately collision accident, don't get off, immediately report to the police.if the other extreme behavior, should quickly drive left the scene, continue to report to the addition, often outlaw motioned for the car or knocking on the window, when the driver is a problem checking vehicles, outlaw advantage property stolen the car.

3, parking security:parking, all items to the car, including the items in the trunk, in front of the security, all out.many of the hotel security guard inside job.

skills 6:rainy day driving skills

1, in the rain to brake in advance:mud road braking distance of the biggest can reach normal pavement three times!a rainy day or slowly, leisurely brake early.

2, don't reduce the tire pressure, often someone would reduce tire pressure in the rainy season, hope to increase the contact area of antiskid tyre and the fact this is just the opposite!increase the contact area will reduce the pressure of tire per unit area on the ground that is already displacing water between tires and the ground membrane force is abate, make it easier for tire slippage.reduce the tire pressure, therefore, cannot be prevented slippery, increase tire pressure non-slip instead.

3, thunder is not out of the car:cars, even if lightning current through the body surface to the ground, car security.but the window must all matter, the antenna of the radio must be away.

4, a muddy areas:one is prevented slippery, 2 it is stuck, according to the vehicle ahead of rut.into the muddy areas in low gear, before the way cannot shift, otherwise it will instantly lose momentum and thousand into a muddy, don't step on the gas, or driving wheels will only make the more cars in the deep.if there is no other pad, wheel skid tyres can be on the flat increased grip of friction.then hang band 2, half clutch, come on, start slowly.

these techniques to collect, the later is always useful!

statement:this article written by author easy car number for global car, views represent only personal, do not represent is shared.


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