had just come back to my hometown in northeast drive back to hangzhou for this new buy millions of bmw!

bmw isn't the new northeast drive back to hangzhou

komori is the northeast person, recently bought a bmw x6 suv, 4th day, he drove back to my hometown in northeast china to prepare the new year, the results until after i get home, the car is not he want to the latest version.and again from their hometown, opened more than two thousand km back to hangzhou.

new home is not a new

komori:"i have to deal with bmw this problem, specially from tieling, more than two thousand kilometers, more than 20 hours running back, is designed to deal with this problem."

komori of the bmw x6 suv, last month in hangzhou and shaoxing road is treasure of the 4 s shop, bare discounted prices around 760000.komori said, specially take the new car home for the holiday, a few days ago the friend told him that the bmw x6 suv is not the latest version of the 2018.

komori:"he has a(old), and then go up one, really is the same, then i search on the site of 2018, the two cars do something inside."

markup in a new, komori cannot accept

2018 compared to the new and the old one, is the most intuitive feelings is not the same as the instrument panel.his original, komori says, is want to buy the latest version.

komori,"he said dashboard is not the same as you can to change it, i said i just bought a new car will go to change, not just the way they are, then advised me, add some more money, the car money plus wear and tear, and then let me they make a car here."

komori said, each other let him add tens of thousands in a same model of the new year 2018, he can't accept it.

manager li:after the customer see the single

hangzhou and truly treasure of the 4 s inn marketing manager li, komori ordered two times the couple to store the bmw x6 suv.no.3 in december last year for the first time, received thirty thousand deposit at that time, in the column model clearly set forth the new, later due to the 4 s shop not within the prescribed time to hand in a car, so they return the deposit.manager li explain, and now the bmw x6 suv, is a now car showroom, after the komori saw the order, and in a bar in models, also didn't write the new.

hangzhou and marketing manager li cheng treasure of the 4 s shop:"now the car is here, what specific situation, car interiors and configuration is visible, that we think the customer must be confirmed, will lift the car."

komori think sales misleading, the two sides didn't wind up

komori,"he told me to come over, said the new car has arrived, and then i go, i also like the bmw brand, i looked up, is something inside, i don't see what the new and old style again."

komori felt that oneself want to buy a new 2018, paragraphs for the new and old car interior trim some of the differences, when buying a car is not clear, he felt sales misleading in the introduction.manager li argues that komori buy car now, and it also write very clear in the contract, the didn't write the new 2018, she felt that the 4 s shop has no fault.komori want to car back on, the two sides not to negotiate.source:

1818 gold eye editor:zhu hui

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