shanghai-chengdu yunyang period of a car emergency lanes mother and child died out of the car was hit

the chongqing municipal traffic administrative enforcement team, in a news release on february 8, 16 pm, driver liao chuan axxxx4 number one driving the car driving to g42 shanghai-chengdu city direction 1453 m+180 m(yunyang to chou road), because of its daughter wants to go to the toilet, liao some vehicles will be parked in the emergency lane, by his wife took his daughter in the toilet on the side of the road, just at this time of the mother and daughter is driven by the rear by li mou fujian afxxxx8 car collision, lead to liao a wife and daughter died.

the accident is under further investigation processing.

according to law enforcement personnel, only 16 km from the site yunyang service area, only 4 km from small weeks toll station, the mother and daughter can completely in the service area in advance or delay to the outside of the toll station parking is convenient, so can avoid the happening of the addition, the sedan is the fujian afxxxx8 is prepared by the fuzhou set out to dazhou, only li mou in driving.

near the spring festival, many pilot friends will choose to drive home for the holiday.but only travel safety civilization, can be home safe and sound.the following diagram are illegal parking moment the risk of accident!

the law enforcement departments to remind the driver friend:

1, never in highway traffic lanes, emergency lane free parking, lest cause an accident, case of slight accident and vehicle fault vehicles should be parked in the emergency lane, should open the emergency lights, rapid transfer the car to the right side of the fence outside safety;and under the premise that ensure the safety of their own, the vehicle rear triangle sign is put 150 meters, call 96096 or 96096 to seek relief.

2, spring festival or the return journey home, please contact in advance navigation, listen to the weather forecast, selecting reasonable travel time and specific lines, do not in highway communication, parking ramp in the road.

3 specific itinerary, reasonable planning and a life journey, please pay attention to maintain adequate rest, long distance driving fatigue for a rush of avoid by all means, to avoid an accident.special remind pilot friends by fujian direction in east sichuan region, by changsha, hunan, hubei enshi, from wan(state)(the) high speed to enter sichuan, avoid g42 shanghai-chengdu jam, etc.

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