side parking location is not difficult to do this step once pour!

after a lot of people to take an examination of a driver's license, the actual training ground when driving on the road, will feel that it's difficult parking side bearing.because there is no training ground line to reference, so stops to let a lot of side bearing were afraid, for fear that the bus to others to lose money.actually do this five steps, lateral bearing parking is not difficult.

the first step:determine parking space length

before parking, must be according to their own open model to determine the parking space can accommodate, generally open car conductor plus one meter distance, just enough to lateral bearing parking, but the technical requirements are also higher.

the second step:adjust to the appropriate distance for reversing

after confirm good parking space is large enough to hold their own cars, will benefit from a car to and roughly the level position, and about 1 m and the horizontal distance of vehicles.if necessary, can be right rearview mirror angle to cut, until you can see the right rear wheel, convenient viewing that time, began to prepare for back.third step:

killed the steering wheel to the right

began to turn the steering wheel like right killed while backing, then slowly astern, maintain this state until the left rearview mirror to see car after car completely.then immediately quick steering wheel from the right to the left, and then continue to reverse.

step 4:adjust the distance and shoulder

in the process of continue backing can be observed through the angle of the lower right rearview mirror and the distance of the shoulder, and then adjust the reverse path, as far as possible close to the shoulder.but note that want to have enough distance for car body can be set straight.the right rear wheel and shoulder distance must be through the right rearview mirror to see, don't want to guess by feeling, this also is a key step of the success of side bearing parking.

step five:put straight body, before and after the adjustment distance

with the right rear wheel and shoulder slowly close to, the body gradually put straight after the rear will gradually close to the car after this time can be judged through the rearview mirror or reverse image and the car distance, adjust and before and after the car distance.finally to the steering wheel position, you're done.

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