month market ranking upheaval lavida pin crown was out of the top ten for the duo crv?

"affected by cold weather and the spring festival, according to by association latest statistics, retail sales of passenger vehicles in january 2.247 million, fell 18.2%.but compared with the same period last year, the overall market sales have edged up 8.2%.

the suv market is still hot, january sales of 1.031 million units, up 16.5%;car market change in the past because, total sales of 1.0492 million units in january, up 6.1%;always be valued by manufacturer of mpv plate, but"no face to his elders", sold in january 167300, fell 17.9% year on year.

"suv rankings:geely occupied two seats, out of the top ten for the cr-v

source:take the cib

look from the sales of the top ten models, the independent brand still occupied the absolute superiority, in addition to the concept of the public road, buick enclave, has not been the rest of the joint venture suv list.geely, changan two car companies each had two places, geely automobile development momentum in the past two years, the future view of bo the surpassing way is not impossible.

harvard h6 red door open, sales than the second baojun 510 whole exceeded 14600, the main reason is that harvard h6 king pin 1.5 displacement models after modified, competitiveness has been further ascension;in addition, the great wall under the product propaganda also some kung fu.

a joint venture, for a long time at the front of the honda cr-v, the influence of"oil"in january, sales in the year-on-year drop.road maintained relatively stable development, year-on-year growth of 17.9%;as a joint venture the second the enclave suv sales, fell 18.8%., of course, as the month pin broken all club members, jun, bean mental models, such as the early stage of the sales performance, and do not represent the follow-up will not, on the stand or fall of sales, promotion also has a certain relationship with manufacturer, manufacturer promotions, sales are more or less will have an effect, but the monocoque profits will be higher.ranking:

car jetta counter attack"rotation", emgrand ec7 qualifying rise

car rankings more watch than suvs, lavida squeezed under the title, in its place is not the most favourites sylphy with english lang, and biconditional gate brothers jetta, volkswagen has always been a sedan market the biggest profit, sales top ten models, take over half of the january, in addition to the jetta, santana, such as the typical car, b-class magotan performance also very grab an eye, monthly sales reached 20000 units.

the most popular japanese home car sylphy, sales fell 7.8% year-on-year in january, ranked seventh.corolla was gave consumers some surprise, the car in 33293, up 33.9% from a year earlier, with suv sales ranking third last month.independent brand, good emgrand ec7, as always, the ranking has been wandering around in the first ten, this time to catch up with the new baolai, magotan, take the first eight good.

there are ranked 11th baojun sales and magotan sales of close to 310, 1 month, 22000 vehicles, up 18.1% from a year earlier.baojun, sell like hot cakes produced almost inseparable from the two points:low prices, high treads for geely vision also hope to, the car sales in january 20000, only sales of more than two thousand gap distance of the top ten.

mpv:wuling macro light still invincible, baojun slump in 730 year-on-year

in january, wuling macro light by nearly 50000 sales of the throne.baojun 730 second, fell 41% year-on-year, not let people worried about the next performance.buick model with latecomers gl6 solid performance, won the third and ninth.buick model as a domestic business preferred mpv cars, comfort and quiet is also a virtue in the industry, buick gl6 main domestic markets.

speed h2, auchan a800, etc, has been in the top ten list of"red", why lost momentum to the growth of sales, mainly is because the product quality is general, compare the products at the same level, the lack of competitiveness.plagued by the same and dongfeng popular and 330, both car appear fell., of course, there is another reason that mpv overall auto market is not optimistic, consumers for the suv, cars buy passion is much higher than mpv, the popular mpv decline in sales, are also affected by the environment.

under the mpv market underdog, song max has sprung up, push odyssey, eric gentlemen and joint venture models, such as in fourth place, almost 2 times higher than fifth whole sales.max critical red song is the result of marketing and product combination, the car after listed, in the market promotion and many, high exposure to win more customers attention and purchase;song, on the other hand, max both product design and power control, on the same level products, are relatively good.

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