let me talk about my two years experience in car usage and some (a)

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目前国内的主流房车是b型房车和c型房车,拖挂相对来说是比较少的,主要原因是驾照和各地执行政策不一,但是也有前辈们正在积极进行房车文化的宣传,为拖挂房车正名!now i just focuses on the attention to some of the problems of every lover!

problem a:

rv in national holidays on the free?

a:as long as it is national holidays, high-speed on the rv is free(6 meters, at the seven blue card rv is free!yellow card of the rv is not free)

problem two:

rv travel hydropower good answer?

a:personal feel ronaldinho, rv travel hydropower is very good, in the absence of the camp, every city has a car factory or the hotel, give money and water supply!ronaldinho because, of course, the a person to travel, for water and electricity demand is not high, even if is to burn water jump joke(approaches) try to don't give money

summed up experience is:good at share exchange, may have unexpected harvest!take the za zhangwu county in liaoning province yesterday to 304 national road car, for instance, washing the car costs twenty(i only wash appearance) store next to a woman came to visit, said after the

woman:"young man why don't you take a little girl to play together ah"

i was embarrassing

the big niang say again:"aunt, i still very fashionable and generous"

i continue to embarrassing

after a while i want to tease woman:"on which take the girl to the big niang, you give me a bai"

big niang immediately said:"young man what do you see za za granddaughter, 23 years old this year, shenyang university, there is no talk about friend come to my house to sit..."

i was embarrassed again

get on the bus go quickly!go, woman knocked on the glass said:"the young man comes back to you when i come back, i introduce you to my granddaughter"

go door to leave...

after half an hour i think are not flirt!

question 3:

car driver's license and parking problem?

a:as long as it is below the seven, 6 meters of blue brand saloon car manual is c1 driver's license, automatic transmission is the c2 and the car is the same!the 6 m is b as a problem!

hang rv:c1 and c2 driver's license can drive 5.999 meters rv add a small water droplets(4 meters), the total length should be at about 11 meters(drive is very easy, just to back more troublesome.as to some friends said:c1 and c2 driver's license is 8 meters can drag drag hang saloon car, i don't know, i haven't seen!is seen at most 6 meters!

as for parking problem, everyone to buy a house car home to more than one car, certainly must have friends in the city, if your home or friends can't stop, then stop at the roadside, the garage can only a small part of the finished product of rv in!

problem four:

the inside of the trailer gas canisters?the hot weather will explode?

a:will my gas tank with me to tibet, the highest elevation of 5000 meters usage to see, have no effect on high altitude(plateau area is also with the gas cylinder, or a big truck went in and i see a lot of on qinghai-tibet railway and xincangxian)

the chongqing hot pot city is also a stove city, i believe that my friends know, hotpot restaurant is done with gas canisters, no effect!as for the exploded on the road, blame it on my life is bad, life and death of terrifying book gave me a few time.

question 5:

motor home to the tibetan plateau?

a:my trailer weight is 4.5 tons, 3.0 t diesel engines, iveco chassis!in 14 years to tibet in august, when climbing mount tunggula of 5.8 tons, difficult and tortuous climb up, then west ali in zagreb daxian in tibetan areas for a month, in and out before and after two months!namco(no climb is a pity, but i plan to go there again next year)

of course each trailer, as for the can to the tibetan plateau, i don't know, i see on the road of rv dream trip, the great wall winds jun, ford transit rv, iveco rv and trailer, other chassis is not clear.

from the perspective of a trip to tibet to see car driving, common response is to power down(the reason is that the ternary catalytic or particle trap jams) other circuits, waterways, cooking and so on all have no problem!

summary:there is no car to the tibet, only to the heart of tibet, such as no man's land through over to an suv or!

question 6:

how much money to buy the car for himself?

a:under the condition of lack of money and time, what will do.

if you have a budget of four hundred thousand want to buy a car, a standard, personal advice to reduce the purchase of entry-level saloon car, for example:feng jun or dream trip or other brands of no more than 300000 rv!the other money, the first has to do things, the second emergency, the third play rv!(this is also i bought iveco rv and not buy mercedes)

if there are one million, buy a lower standard daily rv the same line, for example, yutong, favorite, transit, and special!ditto the reason!

saloon car depreciation quickly, calculate according to the depreciation rate of fifteen percent a year, this is my source of advice, reasonable arrangement of money and travel plan, can have a good time not only, also have to take care of the family!

summary:for since the change of rv, i don't mind, and they were afraid to a sudden change, national policy have bitterness could not say

question 7:

many friends are asking me what brand of car, how many money, use the situation?

a:like iveco chassis double expand rv, white outer yellow within

show car price:49.8!fell brand car prices:close to 57!pick up the car(45 days)

use, also will use small problems in addition to the interior of the sparse inside hua ring(the reason is that the road pit, turbulence cause unstable modified parts for a long time, to sound, this kind of situation is not only a trailer will have, each style car has)

there is cross wind affect the driving!(the reason is because the car high center of gravity, track width is too narrow)

other big problem is not found!

summary:habit is good, who call the domestic haven't professional trailer chassis?

the last wish saloon car enthusiasts, as soon as possible to join the rv gens,

set off on a journey, to play in the world between the mountains and waters, the sister countries on rv

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