female white-collar part-time run drops in carpooling small officer directly is home for the holiday

again returning to the spring festival peak and xiao-mei wang can not help but think of this time last year, his receiving the little officer in the car.xiao-mei wang is a foreign company white-collar workers, who are far from the company, has been a drive to and from work.in order to save the postage, she will be registered as a drops driver, daily lift, connected to two people, sharing his fare home.

although xiao-mei wang's work is that the suburbs, but near the railway station, so passengers can often received from the railway station.the spring festival approaching, downwind single very good answer.one day, she released the lift, as if in a short time, give her spell a single system.the man's head is a bayi military flag, a see be a soldier.

and xiao-mei wang at the train station and so on for a while, he saw a man came along with a crew cut, carry bags, dusty look.get in the car and xiao-mei wang will talk to the man, so he is a soldier, the spring festival holiday home for the holiday.

xiao-mei wang was born in military families, military plot since i was a child, missed the chance to be enlisted as a soldier, just want to marry a soldier when a military spouse.especially like the majesty of the monitor in the"real man", also like handsome boys.28 years old, hasn't been married, waiting for a soldier, marry her home.

but the soldier brother ugly, a little black rod, the talk is humorous, along the way two people chat very happy.soon reach their destination, the boys left the contact way, after said maybe even in your car, two people from far, just a few kilometers of road, otherwise will not carpool together.

since then, xiao-mei wang on the way to the office, much a hope, hope can always to the elder brother of the black rod of soldiers.chat with him, really very happy.suddenly one day, the boys to contact her, say to want to go to a place, ask she's free to send a ride?pay the fare.xiao-mei wang readily agreed.

destination is a restaurant.soldiers elder brother said,"this is the home to arrange a blind date.as a result, the woman said something didn't come, bai ding a table vegetables.soldier brother said to xiao-mei wang, don't you come with me to eat together, i a person very boring.don't eat white don't eat, xiao-mei wang went in and sat down,.

xiao-mei wang said:"you are single, why don't you go home with me!the chinese new year is coming soon, my oldies are let me take a boyfriend home, i think is very suitable you."boys said:"welcome, every year go home mutually close, so trouble!"two people together, so together.

in fact, as long as you meet the right person, look for the first sight.this is a love story in arms, i know less than 10 days, brought home to meet parents, within a month, get married.it is worth mentioning, actually boys did not go to the so-called mutually close, the restaurant, also for xiao-mei wang, it's just made an excuse.the routine of love, no one, than those who just willing to jump in to see you.(graphic has nothing to do, like my story, please click forward, pay attention to me!)

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