qi jun 4 x4 km deluxe edition months use feeling

the dashboard succinctly

small owner car is 2012 1.6 l manual white buick the gt, lang opened 9 w kilometers, 5 years in general like buick interior works and detail design, so the hard to avoid when evaluate the qi jun were compared with the english lang, though not a car, although the price also sent twice, but is not good to avoid sensual things.

90000 km and month, five years, day and night weather

well, the summer of 2017 was supposed to alternative models there is a new way, the kuwaitis, rav4, cr-v and jun, completely is a reference worth buying monthly sales list released list of alternatives, win there shall be a director.after comparing various configuration parameters on the net first ruled out new cr-v, because you want to change the new, bought the old one is old, new car to buy a new estimate didn't discount, just put the cr-v ruled out(luckily didn't buy was not chosen, the new engine seems unlikely), then go to the store a car, the appearance of the rav4 accept no, originally is the most favorite enclave, super like the coldwell interior, but with low transmission is really bad, high distribution is really expensive, later also pass, ruled out way view is because of you, l bit teeth for several times, still not willing to give up.once again entered the nissan store, offer 2 w, the temptation is not small.just a big brother just lifted the car, psychological price also had, talk about the price of working directly with the target, soon had finished, i only required to install the radar and the paster, preferential loan fees a little, as expected, signed the contract on time.due to choose black, there is no car now, at least 3 weeks.

new car first hand go

car finally arrived at the end of september, do clear the procedure, check the car, insurance, move the car out of the day.not like black to choose black, white, too many cars on the road, just because fighting for yourself, choose the black car was absolutely is crippled, black car really do not to come over, see earth is dirty, rub a grass orange(ji ē) can leave scratches.drive a new car a feeling is spacious.the second sense is power, speed up fast!the third sense is cvt transmission stability!the fourth feeling is mat, also can saying is road good feedback!the fifth feeling is interior is really low!highlander interior, so it's really hard to find a word to describe a day in the department of interior.without the sixth sense, a get on the car so some specific impression.

car home, also appeared a series of problems, some good films on october 6, before and after equipped with radar, the 4 s shop said only the original 3 m film, there is only one color, after-sales asked nissan, nissan said there is no this kind of membrane, estimation is 4 s store yourself to, is also a gift anyway, go ahead first, change other brand to ➕ 500 yuan, that's not necessarily true.recently, at the end of september to go to the registration, the registration of much more special, 8 points to open the door, i went to line up at 7 o 'clock, probably, the first dozen, the door opened and i ran to pay tax, in line in front of the 4 people for about an hour, also don't know how so slow, very not easy to me, only to find the 4 s store information on your id card is wrong, i collapse, driving back to 4 s shop to make out an invoice, the end of the line, the tax in 11 o 'clock, get in line to the nuclear file, behind a tortuous team, to 50 points in front of me is when two people, the in the mind feel glad, thought can hand file in before 12 o 'clock ok, just two of row in front of me at this time due to bicker, hit up, then a group of people are beginning to stop the fight, the crowd dispersed, such as window off work.the end of the line, in the afternoon at 3 o 'clock finally clear all the formalities, with old brand, play in two days.

one integrated mass of the black

the registration before washed the car at a time, when the second day of the lift glass or wet, is on the third day, the experience is not very good.this several days of qi jun also had certain feelings, first of all, the humanized design is not good enough, the steering wheel the bottom-left focus a lot of function keys, such as"energy saving mode, automatic start-stop, eps, closed tank trunk switch, switch", the switch position precisely in the left leg knee, look not good-looking, stretch hand to touch, bad review.and in the operation of the instrument panel best position is repeat button on the touch screen is designed.often because of bad driving regional traffic such as small red light, so every time before the first auto off(automatic engine start-stop) closed, otherwise a stall on the brakes, a lift it to fire, heart cells, but the switch position is not good, there will always be delayed into eco button.

left knee position control

instrument panel control

window of the car lift switch without lights, glove box without light, it is said that the old one has a light, the new castrated, leaving a dark, the internet can not find matching lighting system.for often need to put things, glove box is very inconvenient.

the location of the glove box should be installed lights

can't drive without a license car muscle.once driving at high speed, the weather was fine that day, i drive back to the sun, the reflection of light from the front to the rear of the total feel abnormal dazzling, feel there is something wrong with the glass, the high speed is parked at the roadside carefully looked at, found a twill, glass straight line through the glass are all with a serrated, especially against light vehicles and traffic lights, dazzle light is very severe.while the paster to 4 s inn to reflect the situation, the 4 s a the elder brothers say:"you can't accept this, put up membrane is more unreadable".i took a look below to 4 s store, as long as it is 2017, jun, all the problems, 2016 is not the problem, but accept suggestions on the 4 s shops, front and glass manufacturer communication, temporarily don't stick film before.and some good whole vehicle radar is out of stock, can only be put before the radar, radar before again some time.put up half of the film's car in the evening back, found that there are many scratches dashboard, night was fine, the sun in the daytime scratch is very obvious, this shop protection measures do very bad, not professional, not criticize.here said the interior materials, emphatically piano lacquer panels is more, it is easy to produce scratches accidentally touched the hard objects.

again over the past month, in early november finally received a phone call from 4 s shop, due to a number of car owners reflecting the problem of glass and glass manufacturers come and on-site testing, factory soon after i used to confirm the glass existence question, and i agree to replace it.followed by glass, such as long process, during the first, in my opinion, the first is to wash the car wash, the cheer(gas tyres is not due to jogging, because after the car is too top, i put the tire pressure dropped 2.1/2.3 standard values, the first confirmed after 4 s shops and blowing up to 2.5), and finally came to the end of december glass, because the north is cold in winter, the salesman let i drove the car in the afternoon, after changing the glass again the next day to drive.take phone calls in the evening, said glass models sent you a wrong, match the glass is low, i asked his glass to the factory inspection?he said, this is not installed who also won't open it.then entered into a long seesaw battle phase, 4 s let glass manufacturers delivery again, said already offer glass manufacturers, let the 4 s shop to allocate, have been dazui frame, no progress.until a couple of times to nissan after-sale complaints, 4 s shops replace only agreed to purchase the glass, the third day in the middle of(1) to change.that is a 4 s shop has actively cooperate with, i can replace the glass on october 9.followed by a 4 s shop is called drives to cancel complaints.glass problem really couldn't take the photo, at the same time the car with a friend may to the straight tubes look, there is a problem of glass slash is obvious.

of 4000 km, feel not adapt, before also gradually adapted to not accustomed to, also have a more detailed and accurate way.1 ⃣ ️ first friends the most concern of fuel consumption, fuel!fuel economy!half i half city, on the outskirts of driving, computer display the average speed of 32 km/h and 4000 km in total burned 372 l petrol(92#), it would average fuel consumption of 9.3 l, i think the displacement, the road conditions, the fuel consumption is low;

2, power, 2.5 l displacement, at ordinary times a person open a muscle, the family car power also leverage, because of the cvt transmission power supply is very smooth, because of the cvt transmission is not have dragged hang rv idea, with ideas, do not have to think about this car.didn't climb over the mountain, never pressure mud, all-wheel-drive used once, more and more feel no dice, mandatory all-wheel-drive more than 40 km/h was rescinded automatically;3 ⃣ ️ 360 panorama, this configuration in addition to pack *, the usability is very strong, the only fly in the ointment is the matching nature almost four cameras, counting the starter in this function.as shown in figure:straight line is not straight.

4, electric load sensing sensitive enough, even if the key next to the parking lot, always use standard flicking leg movement back and forth several times to open the door, don't start from the fast.otoscope can't recover automatically, also get press of a button, this design is quite poor.seat heating design is necessary, winter warm wind up slowly, the seat heating a little faster;

5, up to now still can't accept the light, only the most highest match is led headlight, top-of-the-line just halogen candle?️, lens is also ok, every night was destroyed in the dogs, also have no the strength.atmosphere and indoor lamp, do you want to add a light, not just the door keys and a backlight, etc.also ok.drive the car a useful dark at night.reversing radar, this configuration is not pre-loaded with radar, my radar is installed, the original factory, but washing a car alarm ringing, also have no way to turn off, half genius not ringing.

moderate line headlamps and day light

is not bad the tail lights

6, a space is enough, a child seat four adults, not crowded.seats are comfortable, fairly, and nissan cars can't than, is the seat, the sofa that music.silent, just start to feel bad, also don't know is running in the slowly, still accustomed to, now feel ok, high-speed noise can also be accepted.

a daze wrote a kind word, a car is a good car, and the cars than, interior design and humanized design, much less fuel consumption is much less, hope after little foibles.criticism about a nissan 4 s shop, not professional can delimit the dashboard)(sticker, not serious(make out an invoice can be wrong), not actively(change the glass for 100 days).

a car, a car, a recommendation, exhortation, non-professional evaluation, because most of the owners are not professional critics.welcome, welcome?.

and again:the car is still a good car, the price here.

q:you were given the chance to choose again, will choose the car?

a:the forehead!the first choice echelon won't choose.look at the purse, may also be selected.

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