what is the difference between number and gasoline?make a difference and mixed up?

after buying a car, the owner daily though most of the time from home to company, company home two point one line, but there is a place would be frequent, this is the gas station.after all, love to eat, plus 92 or 95 grade gasoline(whole grains and refined grains) has become a problem concerned by many people.

today, we can chat with 92, or 95 grade gasoline, for beginners to reassure.

just bought new car or we borrow a friend's car to go, that some people will ask:where my caps?

is to get off to see which side?really don't have to!because of this small car dashboard, which side arrow pointing to where the cap.

next, let's chat with the some problems of 92#and 95#gasoline.

what is the difference between no.92, no.95 gasoline

this is the biggest difference between two kinds of gasoline, n-heptane and isooctane component content is different:92#gasoline isooctane, rich in 92% 8% of normal heptane;and 95#gasoline isooctane, rich in 95% 5% of normal heptane.

inside the engine cylinder piston movement, air and fuel in the mixture in cylinder, compression, if the pressure is too big, is prone to detonation phenomenon.

gasoline is isooctane, physical substances in gas combustion in the engine's ability to resist detonation, antidetonating quality.

92 or 95#gasoline label represents the antidetonating quality of fuel, the label, the greater the isooctane content, the greater the suggests antidetonating quality, the better.

in addition, the car and what grade of gasoline is related to the engine's compression ratio.

the higher compression ratio, using the higher gasoline label.the engine compression ratio is greater than the 9:1, in principle is to add more than 90 gasoline;engine compression ratio greater than 9.5:1, it is best to more than 92 gasoline;when the compression ratio is more than 10:1, had better use 95 or higher grade gasoline.

no.92, no.95 gasoline mixed up have what influence

when the car factory, the factory will be in the position of the cap label use number gasoline, thering is no lack of its oil, wrong things happen in life, have what effect do, let's take a look at.

before, i saw a man on the internet the bentley to refuel, 98, 95 bonus to be wrong, man provoke slap to the operator.moral is to blame the man, but higher grade oil car really should not put a low oil gas.

plus oil, 95 cars and 92 oil, one or two problems is not big, but mix for a long time, will produce the pressure inside the cylinder can't meet the requirements of oil and gas mixture combustion, prone to detonation, driving performance for engine output power of weakness, as well as the fuel consumption increase.

this is a lot of friends car plus 92#gasoline, think adding a higher number of gasoline get better power, this is actually a misunderstanding.

said earlier gasoline label is decided by the octane rating, selection is according to the engine compression ratio, 92 cars and 92 gasoline, if the compression ratio is low, may be incomplete combustion engine, it is easier to produce carbon deposition, and error using oil will reduce the life of the engine.

little wisdom epilogue

choose gasoline label like shoes, suitable is the best, also need a suitable gasoline for vehicles.car owners need to do is:read the accessory of the specification, understand car engine compression ratio, follow the instructions of standard oil.

cars and car are growing and learning process, each old driver of the car has experienced a"bleeding", also in the process of the rmb will be learned a lot from some mistakes, the old driver you is that so?

your car 92, no.95 gasoline by mixing before?

welcome to comment on the wisdom to choose car production 】

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