do not make the undead!to the experience of ningbo buy a second-hand car is?

said to the used car industry, people's first impression is the water deep inside, and said to ningbo area used car, everyone is more fearsome, to say the ningbo used cars and putian in the department of the hospital, the notorious.why, then, the ningbo area used reputation so smelly?in ningbo area to buy a used car is a kind of what kind of experience?below i will give you to a answer both questions.

first, used the reputations of ningbo region, mainly because part of the used car business dealers all popular pit by their bad behavior including but not limited to:publish false options available on the internet, some chefanzi go directly to the somebody else's village private cars as a used car for sale;issued false low prices that attract buyers in the past, then buyers cheat accident car, bubble water wheel, fire, etc.;what is more, if you have also occurred in ningbo bought a cheap car, the results opened without a few days, used car dealers through the positioning device in the car, the car in the middle of the night to steal back again!ningbo used car, of course, the root cause of the notorious, or because the relevant departments of poor regulation.

said the ningbo used car in front of the dark side, so the actual to ningbo buy a used car is a kind of what kind of experience?here is my friend's case, said.

a friend of mine recently wanted to buy a second-hand car a small force, and then to all kinds of second-hand car web site to find options, because ningbo region options generally have lower price, so my friend several alternative is selected.before you go to the telephone communication, the businessman all guarantee real real offer options, take out your fathers do guarantee, my friend letter, and then began his trip to fraud.

my friend sit high iron to ningbo, and businesses on the phone as soon as he got off the high-speed rail, businessman says contact owners to come over, the results of a few minutes later, merchants call before, in the car before the owner can't come, you can recommend me a same style, but the price is expensive tens of thousands, i hear a friend, know as a routine, and directly put the businessman is you think the story is over there, then you are as naive as my friend.

my friends come not white, went to the shop near the car, in a small car, and recommends a few car sales, said let the owner to open them to see, my friend also agreed, then the owner drive to come over to my friend after he was dumbfounded, where this as the owner, complete a social bad youth.think to look at it, disastrous pass directly, after watching the car condition results scold youth is like the owner of the society was to hit people, my friend stranger here, got a good scolding the had to submit to humiliation.

small garage wonky, then my friend big garage, big garage look much better, now the car is enough, my friend took a fancy to a price and good shape of the audi tt, so want to buy in the form of loans.dealership said no problem completely, even blacklist can get a loan, let my friend pay twenty thousand deposit first, and then let the loan officer to come over to deal with friend just silly made twenty thousand deposit, loan officer came over, then all kinds of information to check it again after said can't deal with loans,.then let my friend deposit back, this time a group of sales people surrounded, said delay their time, the deposit refund 10000 only five.this change to do who refused to ah, so my friends started to call the police, the police said they received countless such call every day, not their tube, let find a consumer society.then my friend and play to the consumers' association, said disappear assist used-car traders is a social organization, they don't tube, let 12315123 5 tube, but said to line, and they will not come to the scene.

in the words of my friend, when he realized the deep powerlessness, felt like a piece of meat on the chopping block, the somebody else how to cut casually, without any administrative department of the people to help you.form is the ultimate end is to be my friend to return eighteen thousand, spend 2000 to buy a profound lesson, and from now on become a member of ningbo used against army.

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