originally not only pick up the car to buy a car routine also have so many way

believe that a lot of people buy a car for the first time always goes on a amid waiting for phone call to the car 4 s shops, joy with panic, hard to avoid can forget something to hold up the car, when the old driver has a hand and a novice!but don't worry too much about, because here to talk to you is how to pick up the car is the correct posture, remember that a few points, pick up the car you don't worry.

1:first of all, and the 4 s shop to determine the time of the car, try to stay away from the weekend

general weekend there will be a mass of new customers to shop car, pick up the car sales consultant's heart isn't a customer, you pick up the car over the weekend to completely, it is people are getting in.oh, and the dmv does not work over the weekend, even if your car is not on the cards, the late run process also need to trouble a period of time, this time to go looking for a sales consultant is not too good, after all, you are to hand in the full.<br/>

2:car stage even if do not understand, also want to do these tests

appearance inspection

the first step to a distance:let the sales consultant to park your car outside the place with enough light, clean all the protective film tear, walk around the body far look, take a closer look at the paint color, whole vehicle color are consistent(45 degree angle to look at the engine hood and roof plane, defective will soon find out, because the plane on car paint effect is the most can reflect the level of spray process, and most easily exposed defects parts), and it is not easy to see more body bottom and top the notice.

the second scan:close observation body paint any scratch, scratch and see if the door gap uniformity, corner edge presence of rust and so on.

interior check

the switch door several times after the inspection door handle is flexible and reliable, and the doors are opened in a certain limit of rocked slightly phenomenon;doors and windows sealing strip to see if there is any breakage;check the seat without dirt, can seat before and after adjustment, seat belts are in good condition, etc.in addition, the car still has a lot of related accessories also check, like them, spare tire, the accessory tool must ensure complete, such as normal.

open the hood, check whether the brake oil and coolant is prescribed by the manufacturer, between min and max line, check the engine belt longitudinal crack;new car battery nothing to see, to check whether there is shaking for corrosion, street connection window, check whether the green line.

3:procedure more than one don't stunned, the indicators to figure out

check out there is no problem to open car invoice, this is one of the most important in car segment, the invoice shall be properly kept well, lost can't licence, fill do very laborious.pick up the car and you need to sign a lot of things, such as after-sales maintenance manuals, pdi document, although most of the data will be a sales consultant to help you fill out, finally you just need to sign, but the best to check clear, because the default information is correct, as soon as you sign after all sales consultant docking just a client, you much in a hurry to avoid will fill in the wrong.

it all completed, in the end when you go out you should have in his hand, invoices, certificates, vehicle consistent certificate etc.a final note:the 4 s store sales of new cars, will not have too much fuel tank, can only meet short, so the car after the first thing is to go out to find a gas station, or a new car as far as you didn't open was thrown on the road, the more disappointed.

statement:this article from the easy car would like to buy a car.


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