geely holdings daimler has nearly % to see mr. li in the next dish of how the big game?


geely overseas investment plan is another major progress was made.

according to foreign media reports, geely in the secondary market to buy daimler group work has been close to completion., however, and had already owns nearly 5% of shares is widely thought to be different, because the german regulation holds more than 3% must be disclosed, and geely has yet to disclose, so to be sure the geely holding daimler shares less than 3%.

geely's goal is to hold a 5% stake in daimler, this will make the giovanni cobolli gigli has become second only to kuwait investment authority of 6.8% and 6% of blackrock daimler's third largest shareholder.

remember last year in late november, in view of the proposed geely's acquisition of daimler ag, daimler said that time, geely wants in daimler when issuing new shares held 3%-3% of the shares at a discount, while daimler expressed concern that diluted, saying"welcome to geely to buy shares in the secondary market".

apparently, in the past two months, geely took daimler's"advice", really to the secondary market to buy shares.during this period, daimler shares from a low of 68.29 euros, rose to 75.69 euros(if not to consider a few days ago to the global stock market volatility and daimler's share price fell to 69.45 euros)...

of course, the stock price changes for geely is clearly not the priority problem.widely through the"snake swallow like"buy volvo car begin to realize geely, but before that, giovanni cobolli gigli has revealed the layout of the overseas capital.

in march 2009, geely's acquisition of australia's well-known automatic transmission company-dsi;

in august 2010, geely spent$1.8 billion acquisition of volvo cars company 100% equity and related assets;

in february 2013, geely to purchase manganese bronze 11.04 million pound, the uk the iconic london black cab is produced by manganese copper company.

in may 2017, geely to buy a 49.9% stake, malaysia proton cars and proton's lotus cars 51%;

in november 2017, geely's acquisition of the flying car company terrafugia;

in december 2017, geely's acquisition of volvo group, namely a 8.2% stake in volvo truck business, and has a 15.6% vote, becoming the first big shareholder for volvo group.

on finishing of geely to buy a 5% stake, daimler geely has completed seven important overseas acquisitions.among them, geely has sold most dsi equity, with 2014 currently holds just 10%.

it is said that is the ace of capital operation, he's probably right, volvo, for example, only to geely's dimension at the time, to complete the whole snake swallow like business, not the average person can do.

however, geely series of overseas investment, not just as simple operation fact, each behind an investment, is the need of the development of geely itself.

giovanni cobolli gigli acquisition of dsi, automatically change of focus on solving the manufacturing self-made geely, itself on the automatic transmission basic no independent research and development ability, through the acquisition of dsi, geely has a complete set of automatic transmission research and development and manufacturing capabilities.and after fully digest absorb, be resold again, in other cash flow, the operation is 6.

to volvo's acquisition of needless to say that geely later rise, largely due to merge with volvo's technology, launched last year to bring brand, but also realizes the platform with volvo.from acquisition to integrate to the mix, geely and volvo's story was a classic textbook, worth our study.

acquisition of manganese bronze, some have been interpreted as to provide technical support to the british brand, however, greater significance is that with the help of manganese copper sales channels, geely was able to break into the european market.

have a good similarity of proton's acquisition, geely through the deal, tied with toyota, suzuki plot in southeast asia market makers compete head-on.

buy volvo truck business, geely will reap the benefits in the future commercial vehicle market, but also become a strategic layout in advance.

offer for the flying car, on the one hand show geely focus on the future way to travel, is also the dream of himself.

so why geely at yourself to the secondary market to buy shares, and to achieve significant share holdings of daimler?in fact, although geely currently sales momentum, but compared with those of byd independent brands such as geely in the field of new energy vehicles is still has certain weaknesses, and daimler is make up the important way of the board.the news that geely wants and daimler set up an electric car joint venture company in wuhan.

according to the latest news released by daimler, the future will invest 10 billion euros for the electrification transformation of traditional business.according to the plan, before 2020, mercedes benz will launch at least 50 new energy cars, there are more than 10 pure electric vehicles.daimler is also planning in the united states, europe, accumulative total construction 6 electric car factory three continents, and five battery value, is precisely what daimler large layout and future prospects in the field of new energy.

at the moment, about geely's acquisition of daimler ag, the two sides also no formal response, however, geely from the series of actions of the past, the future cooperation with daimler is very big still.

by volvo for cars and commercial vehicles, lotus supplement sports cars, daimler supplement, on the basis of electric vehicles, li shufu, the next step may really want to summon the dragon.

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