this suv just listed sales than bmw standards create standard inch screen sold

now, mention domestic cars, the first time will be thinking of harvard geely these red independent brands, such as the independent brand of some of the veteran also gradually fade out our implementation, such as chinese, think that year in autonomous areas is a big man, just didn't keep up with the pace of the times.but the chinese did not give up, after working with bmw, modestly learn from bmw, now the brilliance of the chinese have big different, new a compact suv-the v6, 8.79 141900, listed a month sales volume has been, for china is undoubtedly a good recognition.

in terms of appearance, basic or extended family design elements, the v6 straight waterfall type of intake grille, and sinewy chrome plated adornment ornament, it is an organic whole repeatedly with sharp narrow headlight on both sides, with strong visual the bottom of the fog lamps area and headlight shape echo, the bumper is silver plate, reveal the movement of the suv.up slightly from the side, the double waist line, the tail look more concise, level and bright, not too many complex design, led taillights promoted at the end of the class.overall the v6 model hale and hearty, the representative of china's highest level of appearance.

in terms of body size, the dimensions of the v6 is respectively 4620 mm, 1922 mm and 1734 mm, wheelbase 2725 mm, from the body to the wheelbase has beyond the performance at the same level, space is not to lose the harvard h6, cs75 popular models.

on the interior, the style of the chinese v6 towards mature, choose black and brown photograph collocation, build the atmosphere that gives a kind of high-end atmosphere.all standard 10.4 inch screen for intermediate, into the voice control, navigation, entertainment and other functional system, intelligent control technology, it is the details and work with leather materials package, auxiliary chrome plated silver ornament, the details of the gap junctions also let a person to pick out what trouble, under the overall interior also can be seen that the chinese are really sufficient kung fu.

the v6 with a 1.5 l turbocharged engine, the maximum power of 150 horsepower, the maximum torque of 220 meters, the match is 6 manual transmission, as well as from fiat 7 double clutch transmission, high also use round the suspension.

as a whole, the v6 with bmw cooperation advantages, on the product strength does make people sit up and take notice, plus the price of such a populist, believe that the market performance of subsequent to the next level.

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