the joint venture car level very handsome in appearance for ten thousand yuan

the article reprinted from big outbreak on the car, the author wang dake

kia chun chi is kia launched a small cars in recent years, can be seen as a domestic version of the sharp europe, is also a modern ruina sister car in general style basic for the overseas edition of the modelling of rio, made a change on the details, surrounded by some fog lamps from both sides before moving to part of the whole system are the h4 halogen headlamps, and without a lens and daytime running lights.the minimum distribution models affected by the cost price 49900 yuan is understandable, but the 73900 yuan of top-of-the-line version line no day light, slightly worse.

as an introduction to a compact car, equipped with wheel tires are entry-level, tires for nike's series, size is 175/70 r14, all is the dimensions, respectively for 4300 * 1700 * 1460 mm, wheelbase 2570 mm, curb weight 1060 kg, the overall parameters of the slightly smaller size than kia k2.

the parking pegas english name is kim chi, derived from the greek mythology tianma pegasus, translation can also be referred to as the"what".manual/automatic deluxe edition models but also equipped with reverse images, and the whole system with minimum models equipped with reversing radar.

kia chun chi interior part looks are more delicate than the appearance, the multimedia screen with multi-function steering wheel are the important points.multi-function steering wheel on the manual/automatic deluxe edition is a standard, can control the sound/bluetooth phone function of the two.dashboard black white, the data is clear, no special place, don't fancy, quite good.7"multimedia entertainment system adopts touch design, support mobile mapping, bluetooth music, etc.

kia chun chi of power system is 1.4-liter naturally aspirated engine+4 at the gearbox.maximum power 95 horsepower, peak torque of 132 cattle meters.

you can see the kia chun chi as entry-level cars, the sale price is really attractive, but we're a top-of-the-line version of this machine sells for 73900 yuan and no bright spot, the price advantage is not obvious, mainly some comfort configuration and minimum distribution models, such as automatic headlight, automatic wiper, daytime running lights, no keys, and so on.

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