why are so many new cars in sell?

often go to 4 s shops and second-hand car market friends, you will find many low price but the colour can reach 9.9 in sales into a new car.this kind of car is referred to as"new car", this kind of car with high colour, low age, low price advantage, can definitely be called is the absolute darling in the used-car market.but in a mouth behind all praise a trumpet sound, we should alert,"new car"if such as the outside world by faultless?why the car just bought out soon?why is so prospective new car on the market, they all come from?a series of questions worthy of our inquiry.

9.9 into what the origin of new cars are

edit understand, 9.9 currently on the used-car market into a new used car can be roughly divided into true new car, car, paint, work prize, test drive, stock cars and car accident renovation seven categories.these"new"and compared with new models, often obvious difference, but compared to similar vintage with a used car, and similar in price.so many people even struggle, is also willing to trawling for a quasi acts as a new car.

    <p>true prospective new</p>

this kind of"new"is may meet cannot be asked, and this kind of car owners may be due to some personal reason or cause such as capital turnover does not open to sell this car, usually, this"real"quasi new cars are usually quite good, there are few tricks.encounter this kind of new car, if no problem, in perfect condition for a car was pretty good.

    <p>the prize class quasi new car</p>

this kind of new car are serious, but because after organizers and winning owner these two levels, again according to new car sales to affirmation is impossible, usually as a"new car"into the used-car market, some will be in 4 s store personnel"the advantage".in the field of this class is new car with one of the most ideal options available, and a new car, basically not only low prices and good shape, if the brand and configuration can accept, saw took, a one-way ticket.


with the continuous derivative of car brands and models of update iterations, make all kinds of exhibition scale, various models of car emerge in endlessly.the show car after a long exhibition, scrub, test drive, though haven't been to licence, but to be sold by the new car is clearly impossible, only to the designated dealers.

dealer in handling this kind of"new car", usually will tell the origin of car buyers.although this kind of show car price less than the prize, but buyers can also enjoy more discounts.you can think about it, if from the perspectives of the purpose of exhibition, below is for the new promotion, if paint and interior comfort is bad shape, users don't care for a new car, so this kind of"new"car condition and maintenance is better situation.if encounter this kind of car, is also very worth buying, with the probability of risk profile is very low.


there is a"new"often be auto 4 s shop used to handling official business.it has no evident difference compared with true prospective new shape, but is a little higher mileage.this kind of"new car"on price often slightly better than the similar second-hand car.general regular 4 s shop at the time of sale will be detailed to introduce the car once use, because of the formal channels, so its relatively guaranteed in the used car, if is worth to take home.

    <p>test drive</p>

each automobile 4 s shop has a lot of test drive, this sort of test drive final destination is acquired by chefanzi more, price is usually higher than used cars with models.before sale, 4 s shops usually to do, on the surface and the new car is very similar, but when you choose this kind of car, must keep an eye more, not all this kind of car is worth buying.

test drive isn't worth buying depends on cars.according to the vehicle condition is good or bad, we try to drive can be roughly divided into two categories.

is a kind of test drive chassis, tire, engine, interior only slight wear, these characteristics are mostly signal test drive test road conditions are relatively good, degree of the damage to the car is in the normal range, will not affect future use.

there is a test drive be careful if you are!this kind of car often suffer customer test under bad road conditions, and the driver driving behavior is relatively rough.suet, the brakes are the norm.years so, although it was a new car, but was black and blue all over, the chassis by potholes, tire wear, the service life of engine cabin is messy and parts would be affected.so like this car or not to buy a good, even if bought, little also not.in addition, as a test drive 4 s store of its maintenance cycle is mostly irregular, objectively intensifies the loss of the vehicle.

    <p>stock cars</p>

some"new"is the old models, these are the 4 s shops stock cars, in order to be able to quickly reduce inventory, cash flow, will have to take your car dumping to a variety of sources, one of important channel is secondhand dealer.consumers will gladly buy after check no problem, the real danger comes from the storage time.usually 1000 or 100 km of used cars are more than 1 year time inventory models.its oil system and circuit system, there must be some different degree of ageing, after buying the danger coefficient ratio used tens of thousands of kilometers of used cars, so if you buy the car, must be large, to conduct a comprehensive maintenance and inspection on line, lest produce short circuit on fire.

    <p>car accident</p>

there are some new car will also appear in the process of transport or commissioning accidents, such as small knock against, serious point can appear even the appearance of deformation and so on.this kind of"new"tend not to new processing, most will then after repair in the used-car market.will also have a bad dealer when new car sales.this requires everyone to polish eyes.when buying

go to see the car paint and the solder joint, to see whether there is any trace of spray paint and welding.five main observation car beam six column if there is a sheet metal, welding, cutting.in addition to check your computer and circuit problem, observation instrument lights, airbags, engine oil lamp, lamp whether sequence points out one by one.if put out at the same time, shows the circuit fault.it is worth noting that this kind of"new"often appear in the used car 4 s shop, may also appear in the new car 4 s shop.regardless of where, when a car should be carefully, like this kind of car price is low, serious or safe hidden trouble, so don't suggest to buy.


no matter what type of new car, when the choose and buy, should be vigilant, don't be puzzled by its gorgeous appearance and low price, to believe in"heaven fell pie it won't happen to me", as long as it is to buy a car will be taken seriously, carefully considering to buy it after inspection,"carefully made in ten thousand"will always be your least-hassle route to prevent fraud.

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