the tesla roadster is successful to mars humanity for the first time

[pacific automotive network abroad new express channel 】 on february 6, the usa eastern time zone 45 points at three in the afternoon, beijing time for february 7, 45 points at four in the morning.the current of mankind's most powerful rocket by elon musk private space vehicle manufacturing falcon heavy(falcon heavy) unprecedented, put a car in the space.and the name of musk cherry red tesla roadster is pure electric cars, the first out of the earth's gravity is also the history of mankind manned vehicle(because strictly speaking, even the apollo lunar missions manned lunar rover or not out of the earth gravity).

falcon heavy rocket is the strongest surface, is currently the only shllv super-heavy launch vehicle.and its single launch costs than even leo carrying force only 29 tonnes of nasa rocket lower delta 4

the ferry to create too much initiative, such as the tesla on the falcon heavy rockets of the universe, is currently the strongest human operational rocket, the leo(low earth orbit, orbit) carrying force reached 63.8 tons!leo carrying force more than 50 tons of rocket, called super heavy-lift launch vehicle, namely the super-heavy launch vehicle, shllv for short.before the falcon heavy, there are only two rockets may call it shllv in human history, one is the saturn 5, one is made in the soviet union in the 1980 s, leo rocket carrying force 100 tons of energy, both the rocket has quit the historical stage.

falcon heavy rockets successful launch video review, at the same time with a video and cg animation intuitive display, visible this time not only to the success of musk minimum requirements"bang", but also successfully recovered the level 1 rocket, is perfect in every way.

the falcon heavy leo carrying force is 63.8 tons, although is there such a abnormal condition of the saturn v or less, but has reached the standard of currently the only a runnable shllv mankind.the falcon heavy mto transfer orbit of mars carrying force is 16.8 tons, have been theoretically have the ability to send a manned spacecraft to mars orbit.

falcon heavy rockets have 3 1 stage rocket of ordinary falcon rocket, every rocket has nine merlin engine, a total of 27.make the carrying force than the falcon 9 promotion nearly three times.

the following table is the mainstream of the world's vehicle, you can see the falcon heavy force would be left behind all the rest of the competitors all over the world.nasa's own research and development of the delta 4 most heavy rocket carrying force is less than half the falcon heavy, and the single launch costs up to$400 million!by contrast falcon heavy single launch costs only$90 million, and if the recovery technology is more mature in the future, this also can continue to reduce the cost.thus the falcon heavy for all mankind, is a great milestone.

美国/spacex重型猎鹰/falcon heavy63.8吨在役
美国/spacex猎鹰9号/falcon 922.8吨在役
美国/nasa德尔塔4号/delta iv28.8吨在役
欧洲/欧洲宇航局esa阿丽亚娜5号/ariane 520吨在役


说回这飞向火星的特斯拉roadster吧,因为之前各种不可靠的报道来源,许多人还以为马斯克真拿出了最新的号称轮上扭矩1万n·m、2秒内破百、2020年才能交货如今已经当期货开卖的全新roadster电动超跑。in fact the falcon heavy firing was released in 2008 on the generation of roadster, musk his name is cherry red all-electric sports car.looks like musk consider"fried", or to use the latest products.about this old car, we have been introduced in detail, here no longer again.

on mars transfer orbit of the tesla roadster is an old, back in 2008.not previously speculated the latest generation of roadster.

this is the latest to that of 0-96 km/h in just 1.9 seconds new tesla roadster.although already on sale, but the actual is 2020 years to deliver futures.

to raise the first falcon heavy test is used to to the rockets as a test vehicle roadster is sent to a mto(i.e.transfer orbit of mars) or tmi(injection transfer-mars, namely transfer advance mars).that is to say, the roadster has breakthrough the second speed of the universe, from the earth's gravity, will fly in the direction of the mars in the vast universe.but, in fact, it never arrived at mars, but only a heliocentric orbit(heliocentric orbit) operation of space junk.that's right, a car can't do anything in the space, to research detection, with a piece of scrap iron in fact.

in fact, to launch a spacecraft from earth into the orbit of mars, rather just enter the mto is useless.enter the mto spacecraft can use two kinds of transfer orbit:a call horman transfer orbit(hohmann transfer orbit), is the mainstream of the orbit of mars probe using;another is called double elliptical transfer orbit(bi-elliptic orbit)., no matter in that transfer orbit spacecraft to orbit maneuver is needed to successfully enter the orbit of mars.a floating in space, the tesla roadster is, of course, could not move, more don't talk about change track.

this is transfer orbit of mars.musk roadster is on the dotted line in figure horman transfer simply a with earth and mars orbit the heliocentric elliptical orbit.but to enter the orbit of mars or mars, spacecraft, in addition to enter the mto is needs to have its ability, this is a tesla was the tesla is just became the mto a space debris in orbit.

so, also as musk says, he the beloved(or cruel abandoned?)the roadster will be one billion aimlessly wandering life in the universe.some question musk why don't you send some useful scientific equipment for mankind but do so boring things.actually, this is, after all, falcon heavy test for the first time, generally don't experiment payloads, but instead uses some cost lower load test, won't consider carrying more expensive scientific instrument.musk, after all, who is knocked an old tesla heaven also can yet be regarded as a relatively low cost of the test load, but also to be badly in need of cash flow tesla made a cosmic super advertising, so why not?

musk still in manufacturing this madman let people sit up and take notice of the world's miracle, for the fans, he successfully forged by far the most successful brand pure electric vehicle, and for fans of science and technology, he created the world's first private space vehicle is the most surprising.inspections today, it removes all the question, and present the successful launch of the world's most powerful rocket.he is a miracle-mars colony's dream has been to further build.

i want to see here, maybe more netizens to iron man-in the reality itself to the creation of science and technology as a"super ability"of its own heroes are more interested in.don't worry, then, the author will bring you a life of musk and his thorough analysis of the ferry, i will do my best to ensure than you can see more detail on zhihu, stay tuned.(figure:capsules/article:the pacific automotive network chen shengbo)

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