the spring festival: this logo need to be careful on the road carefully scored a fine yuan

spring festival:highway 12 points that"three violations"

is the danger of high-speed driving on the usual several times, because seems a little move, can cause traffic fast on the illegal punishment of city road than the strict many, many are directly deduct 12 points.

1:we know that driving on the highway, the most common illegal behavior should be exceeding the speed limit.if you drive your car on the highway by more than 50% of the speed limit, it will directly by 12 points.and more than 20% of the limit speed, then 6 quite strict.the provisions of the above is only in view of the private cars, if you are driving trucks and other vehicles, as long as the excess of the prescribed speed of 20%, 12 points directly

2 kinds:we know that, on the highway, one lane is not free to take up, that is the emergency lane.if there are special circumstances, such as found himself ill, already can't continue to drive, lane can either stop at the emergency treatment.but must not be too long.if just want to rest in emergency lanes to stop, or directly to solve the problem of inside nasty, there it was on camera, it is possible to directly deduct 12 points, the fine of$200

the above two kinds of puffing up, on the highway of millions of don't make, not only for his irresponsible life, and once was made, 12 points, no!many friends can often run high-speed, don't run.

above this flag, you know what sign?for the owners, on the way to run every day, every day to see the signs on the road, although know many signs, but there are some signs are usually very, the pavement of the four signs, you notice at ordinary times?

1, zebra crossing warning sign

zebra crossing warning marks is pavement diamond marks, usually set at the front of a zebra crossing, which is to remind the driver in front is a zebra crossing, when through the need to slow down, comity.if after see the sign, no reduction through the zebra crossing, traffic accident, it shall bear the main responsibility.

2, nabla give way sign

the road of the marks of the triangle, it is a sign of slowing down to give way.this flag is mainly set in the intersection of traffic police command, the purpose is to remind the driver by have to slow down the stretch, comity main road vehicles or pedestrians.if you don't slow down, in the event of accident, also want to be responsible for the main responsibility.

3, vertical and horizontal speed hump

the road of single line and double line and three white dotted line, is the longitudinal and transverse speed hump, mainly set in the place such as toll plaza, the exit ramp.purpose is to remind the owner through the need to slow down the road.

4, turn area

rotary district is set at signal intersection, when the vehicle on straight after the green light, then can turn into the waiting area, if direct turn, one thousand traffic accidents, then you have to be negative in the lord.when the red light, if in turn to stay during the red light district, will be 6 points, fine of$200.

spring festival:these two"parking methods"fine of 50 yuan

1, parking timeout

the temporary parking space is for the convenience of citizens, solve the problem of parking difficulty, when parking should pay attention to see the time on the sign and scope, if over time, also belong to the illegal parking.

2, reverse parking

not in accordance with the direction along the line within the road temporary parking parking will impose a warning and be fined 50 the time of parking to pay more attention to guiding the arrow to parking spaces in the parking.

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