led g capacity climbing nearly thousands of car dealers to double by the end of month order

on november 28, 2017 g 01 officially listed.in the first complete sales month, get handed over 6173 deliveries.recently, led, after the second sales month data have been released, netcom, head of the club through a g dealers, in january 2018, led g get orders is close to a car.

before g stock, netcom, clubs and collar, automobile sales co., ltd., deputy general manager communication easy cold, he said that he never worried about led, sales, only worry about capacity can't keep up.now, led g 01 and volvo engines in the same factory production, due to large led grams of demand, at the same time the recent volvo sales increase quickly, so the engine supply relative tense, as in the first half of 2018, will generally get g 01 in fix the quotas for marketing"produce"situation, namely how many cars are produced as many cars as sales.

meanwhile, led also are actively to solve problems in production.main production 01 model luqiao factory capacity can reach 200000, 02, 03 models of zhangjiakou after production factory will be put into production, the new engine plant is also in the planning and construction.with the climbing capacity, led, sales will rapidly rising.

in terms of channel construction, led has built nearly hundred stores, according to the plan, the end of 2018 the number will double.channel laying on the one hand, able to quickly improve led brand well-knownness, on the other hand will play a key role to boost sales in.

led as a new brand, the first models listed only 2 months, nearly all orders, has been proved that the market for led's quality is approved.in the first half of this year, a new crossover suvs, collar, 02 will also be unveiled.in 2018, geely will rely on geely and brought two brands achieve sales of 1.58 million, according to a 2017, 1.24 million, 2018 g will be at least 20-300000 sales task, led, still need to go further.(figure/netcom li jiyang)

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