highlander use feeling and money also want to bring a year of car real god

in may of last year's big fellow, at the time of the current car.forced by 4 son decoration, didn't agree with, finally added some cash directly.don't talk about pick up the car price here, don't spray.

cut the crap, put the figure to look at the picture below to speak

at the time of four-wheel drive luxury car naked naked white car x000 white said another 2000 toyota pricing is the capital of your 2000 or make a phone call to ask.on both sides of the last direct mention, local quotation(price).

to 14 months now, ran the 30000+.to and from work every day, 70 km fuel consumption at the picture, the basic of national highway and expressway.personal think fuel consumption can accept, after all, nearly 2 tons.

stole a piece of the original car again

after the bar you should pack it.

after the change of the whole led taillights.after night lights is very beautiful.

4 son's films, not to stick in the front row.before the posted after a6 can't see anything in the evening, not stick this directly.before also didn't stick, it's hot dead, is considering posted.

when the car to pick the wheels of the dunlop.original wheel color and size are satisfied.a.

a treasure to buy the pedal.appearance quality is pretty good.start the car.

reading lamp decoration, original factory too.

levelers~ door switch also posted...there are speaker cover, delivery is on its way...

all savings of lattice mat...

the whole car mats.buy the only seat, back of a chair or a car.a treasure to buy maybach headrest...after put in the driver's seat is not very comfortable, with the head forward, vice driving up lying back, very comfortable with this.

main driving single buy a pair of cool pad, no ventilation is too hot in summer.

pendant and furnishing articles.by the way, in the middle of the table is very ugly, but very practical.

central storage invincible, praise zambrotta spatial location.my wallet a6 5 series can only throw the passenger seat.at present had only a man can put down all of the car...

back row space, seat a little low.

what happened

split my heartache.

trunk.the trunk of a treasure to pad.after the car was hit bought cover curtain.and my basketball equipment and a tank of water.

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