emgrand gl and preach qi ga to choose who good?most people have made the wrong choice

as more and more reliable quality of autonomous vehicles, so consumers now buy a car, more and more support of independent brands, but how to measure the competitiveness of independent brands?that depends on how the overall level of it, this is what we usually call can't a leg to walk(only develop suvs, other do not).and overall ability is prominent, geely is definitely a, in addition to the more familiar gs, bo, vision, suv, its car development is very good also, emgrand gl is one of geely's ace models, listed 13 months to sell 130000 units, for an independent high-end grade a car, a very good level.but, at the first time, gac kei also launched a new a-class car-ga4, its rival is locking emgrand gl, more coincidentally, ga4 top-of-the-line version of the price also with emgrand gl with exactly the same, then ga4 can challenge the strength of the emgrand gl?







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