part of the suv published january sales crv is expected or outside?outlander broken than success

although just coming into the february, from complete suv sales were released in january and for a period of time, but some companies have already can't wait to show the transcript, including faw volkswagen, dongfeng nissan, guangzhou honda, guangzhou toyota, dongfeng honda, faw mazda, saic gm buick and gac mitsubishi.the dongfeng honda struggle"oil gate"incident and its new generation of cr-v sales especially attention, will then cr-v paralyzed?

we first review the honda cr-v"oil gate"incident.event originated in december 29, 2017 car home cr-v bbs one post, a new generation of cr-v 1.5 t manual car owners revealed that vehicles in use less than a month, only 1100 km mileage, engine oil in a cause, blasting in the cylinder, the phenomenon such as of fire.this event, is a stone up, caused widespread new cr-v owners attention at the same time, a lot of bbs netizens also claim to a whole new generation of cr-v 1.5 t models in the oil, and even in the emulsifying phenomenon.but as time goes on, the further related issues is not only emerge in endlessly, and affected the ur-v, civic, jed, all equipped with 1.5 t engine models.

as events further fermentation, dongfeng honda also begin to pay close attention to the progress of the situation, and communication will be held on january 20, media, formal response of oil in the problem.but obviously consumers"is a normal phenomenon"of officials say isn't buying it.the explanation of various rights behavior, the dongfeng honda's move not only control the situation, and raise the issue of the relationship between the owner and the 4 s shop.

therefore, dongfeng honda in february 2, again reissue a statement, commitment announced on february 12, 2018, solutions, and the related models of engine warranty will be extended to 6 years or 200000 kilometers.

event at this point, cr-v"oil gate"incident is over, but in the past month, the incident will not affect the sales of cr-v?how much impact?then i'll take a look at the dongfeng honda cr-v january sales.

dongfeng honda cr-v/xr-v


a new generation of dongfeng honda cr-v 1.5 t models

estimated that many people are like small make up, after seeing the sales was surprised!although compared to last december, cr-v sold more than five thousand less, but the number 17093, not surprisingly still can ensure it into the top ten january suv such a serious problem, to suffer such a big blow, sales of cr-v is still so strong, really surprised the small make up.small make up at this time and don't want to tangle cr-v"oil gate"incident, the source of the committee would want to know that more than seventeen thousand cr-v is new owner doesn't care about the so-called oil, emulsification, or is it all these users to buy is a hybrid, or our media power is not enough, the user does not know that there are"oil"such a matter.january sales


dongfeng honda xr-v

maybe because was beyond the"oil gate"incident, dongfeng honda has always been the best-selling small suv-xr-v's performance is stable, and relatively in december last year sales increased by more than one thousand units.of course, it and its appearance design, power is used after the match, fuel economy and low addition, the same platform with gac honda bean intelligence also has a good performance, january sales also broken.

dongfeng honda's also a suv product-ur-v perfunctory, only harvest in january 5781 cars, and the results compared with the gac honda said sales of around 8000, and the gap between more than one thousand.

saic gm buick enclave wei


2018 buick enclave wei

2017, buick enclave of performance is the end of november 2017, 2018 the coldwell listed, besides appearance details upgraded, 2.0 t models will also further increase to 191 kw of engine power, 400 meters, 9 block transmission also upgraded to a new automatic transmission, for the enclave of performance is in december, the coldwell sales reached 22792 cars and make them return to the position of the top january, the movements of coldwell sales declined slightly, but under the trend of decline in auto sales as a whole at the beginning of each year, 20500 is also very good.

in contrast, the enclave of brother aung cora's performance is bad, only 2853 vehicles sold in january, is less than the number of december 3840 nearly thousand vehicles.investigate its reason, due to the appearance of independent brands, cora(rmb 139900-189900), positioning and pricing is a bit awkward, it had to go small route.perhaps it is for this reason, 2018 buick is expected to launch a between the coldwell and leon cora new compact suv, to compensate for the blank of the market.

gac mitsubishi outlander


gac mitsubishi outlander

from import to domestic, further reduce the price, the market performance of mitsubishi outlander does have great progress, annual sales reached 84708 units in 2017, and the trend of overall sales on the rise.2017 outlander, however, the biggest regret is not can break, monthly sales in december last year's sales to 9002 vehicles, with break just one step away.past 1 month, should be memorable for outlander, not only ushered in the start of the new year, and surge in sales to 11565 vehicles, break.although our sales volume has been less than at the same level of cr-v, rav4 and qi jun rong, but outlander its own characteristics and, therefore, is not lost, it's large space, high configuration, and good reliability, are the selling point of it.

gac mitsubishi's two other suv products-asx strength dazzle and pajero jin chang sales in january of 4117 and 350 december of 3186, compared to asx strength of dazzle sales growth, and pajero, jin chang is still weak.overall, these two models are partial old problems, although asx strong dazzle mid has just completed change, but has been competing goods left behind on the design, the pajero, jin chang is fully behind.

guangzhou toyota highlander


guangzhou toyota highlander

in 2018, guangzhou toyota flag will launch the second suv models-c-hr, this new small crossover suv is not yet listed has received widespread attention.but before c-hr market, guangzhou toyota must first consider the capacity problem?highlander is one of the most popular medium seven suv on the market, and even in some areas appear the situation of a car is hard to find, this also makes its performance is very addition, every year january highlander is sales of"season", such as highlander last january sales reached 12000 january this year, however, the performance of the highlander slightly insufficient, only sold 9884 vehicles, but the results compared to last year december 6072 had the obvious growth.

faw mazda cx-4


faw mazda cx-4

as the cheapest of the joint venture brands on the market currently crossover suv, faw mazda cx-4 was favored by consumers, from the public in 2017, the average monthly sales of more than 6000.although sales of 7432 units in january this year compared to last year's average scores higher than that of only 1400, but for mazda cx-4, the new sales record sales will become a landmark in 2018, at the same time to overall sales trends in 2018 opened a good start.

in addition to these brands and models, faw volkswagen also announced the overall sales in january, 192896 cars, sport utility vehicles, the audi q3 sales break, as in the first half of this year to launch generation models, the audi q5 sales declined.dongfeng nissan's overall sales in january 98302, the main two suvs, jun and qashqai before continuing the good state, while jin, sales of loulan not broken, but showing a rising trend of addition, the gac and kei also unveiled a 60000+1 month overall sales, but sales not announced specific models.

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