speed has become a thing of the past domestic first speed high speed not to help!

thought now after 00 words are so sharp.but this is really pick is not at fault, i this shows that the speed of 300 km/h meters, pointer only less than half, i want this iron bars, pei, i want this instrument have he2 yong4?

believe that quite a few old iron"posture"rich knows that about half of german high speed is not the speed limit, and so on high speed in germany you can experience the real"speed and passion".

but germany is on the premise of not the speed limit can also remain extremely low incidence of traffic accidents, but accident death rate will decline year by year, because do the following:

1, the german highway standard is high, less slope and curve.

2, germany for automobile safety quality control is very strict, don't allow any a unqualified products into the market, so the german car in many people's minds means"senior"is also a reason, after all, the somebody else to build on the car to 200 km/h is still very steady).

3, and one more thing is, german car culture developed, the germans had this influence, and can to traffic regulations, driving skills, emergency measures are to understand.

after the germans envy so cool?

don't"party"!the domestic first"no limit"high-speed coming!throughout the shaoxing, ningbo, hangzhou, hangzhou shao yong expressway will be one of the chinese version of the"german high-speed", this article refer to germany is not the speed limit road design, and the speed limit of 150 foreign technology standards of superhighway, will be covered with photovoltaic solar panels and preparing for possible massive growth of new energy vehicles, is expected to achieve full open to traffic before at the 2021 asian games!

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