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【 】 the pacific automotive network technology channel security is a car every day people will hang in the performance of the mouth, to buy a car, sales will tell you how many this car airbags, active braking, pre collision warning of what, may be some sales will tell you, how much the car's using heat into steel is currently, more and more car companies when doing the passive safety introduction will mention a, even if you don't know what it is, and with the same degree of care you can judge:it must be very important!but we don't be so literally ah, should not only learning, but also know the why, so i'll take you deep understanding, the hot steel is what, why this kind of attention.

hot steel generally appear in what position?

heat into a steel high strength steel intensity is higher than normal:

general of the tensile strength of high strength steel in 400-450 mpa, hot steel is formed by heat, through a series of processing after tensile strength can be increased to 1300-1300 mpa, for ordinary steel 3-4 times.

with the strength of the steel body classification
high strength steel
ultra-high strength steel> yield strength 510 mpa, tensile strength> 700 mpa

according to the strength grade lines usually yield strength greater than 210 mpa is less than 510 mpa, and the tensile strength is greater than 270 mpa is less than 700 mpa steel known as high strength steel(210 mpa> 700 mpa).

of course somebody else's staff is not say so, with composite materials is good, but lighter, but due to the cost into consideration, general models is rarely used.

on the remaining full text(1/2)

2 hot into sections and craft back into the top

that hot into steel applied to the white car body have what effect?


与传统的冷成型加工技术相比,热成型技术的特点是加工板料上存在一个不断变化的温度场。under the action of temperature field, the basic structure and mechanical properties change inside the plate, the plate stress field change, at the same time, material and adverse effect on temperature field, stress field is so hot molding process sheet internal temperature field and stress field change process of coexistence and mutual coupling.


as the improving of the various impact mechanism of vehicle safety requirements, the safety of the car are quickly improve and perfect, the first is the carry of active safety, can let the accident can nip in the bud, the second is the passive safety, body as the last line of defense to protect passengers, also because the identity of the use of more and more the same time as compared to other materials, hot as steel has higher cost performance, so the use of it in recent years had been spread to more entry is understood that the first hot stamping parts co., ltd., founded in 2005 in baosteel, used for hot stamping forming of high strength steel-boron steel offered by shanghai baosteel.(figure/article:the pacific automotive network chidongning)

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