what is the difference between you know disc and drum brake?


when it comes to brake, you must have heard the words"front disc after the drum", namely front disc brake, the rear drum brake, do you know what is the difference between them?

disc brake, which is commonly known as the disc brake, is through the hydraulic pump to push the brake calipers, clamping creates friction pads, so as to achieve the brake effect.

the advantages and disadvantages of disc brake:

disc brake is external type brake system, ventilation and heat dissipation is good, the brake linear, good control, not easy to embrace death.disadvantage is that no matter how to increase the intensity of the brake, also short of drum brake self-locking type high brake force.

drum brake, very simple and crude, the brake plate, brake wheel cylinder, brake shoe, connecting rod, a spring, dowels, brake drum.it is through the hydraulic drive the pistons, on both sides of the wheel brake shoe is clingy wall, realizes the braking effect, while the wheel rolling forward, forward rolling power will react on the brake drum, brake force.ie, brake pads and friction between wheel deceleration.

the advantages and disadvantages of drum brake:

drum brake with low cost, and braking power is big, you can brake in time, usually love to use drum brake is all some big trucks;on the downside, the cooling effect is poor, thermal decay is serious, not suitable for high frequency brake, is not linear, it is difficult to control, and the reaction is slow.

although drum brake is no weaker than disc brake, but do not need large braking force for family car will adopt disc brakes, or the front disc after the drum configuration;for large trucks, absolute braking force of drum brake is not to replace!

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