classic cars evolution dynamic chart all finished in a minute


cars after one hundred years development, now has been very mature, many models and after several generations, evolved into today's appearance.edit show you today 14 evolutionary history of classic cars, a dynamic map is a car!

the honda accord, the appearance of the atmosphere, the price is very high, very durable, worthy is a lot of people in the heart of the king of b-class.

the mercedes-benz c-class, atmosphere vogue appearance, interior do manual work is delicate, flexible manipulation, pointing to the accuracy, is a lot of new people preferred the first car.

gull wing-benz sl, the ancestors of shape stable business atmosphere, with mercedes benz consistent nobility, capacious and comfortable ride space has five-star imposing manner.dynamic performance is remarkable, all show the world!

legend sports car-a porsche 911, the first appearance on the today, is very fascinating.

egl ares-nissan gt-r, is your faith?

in europe toyota le mans racing

in addition to you know the hot selling models in the streets, in fact, toyota has spent heavily to build a performance model, such as toyota racing in le mans.

daniel-classic lamborghini

in the classic daniel lamborghini evolution, salute to italian art building cars!

china in love-the range rover

1970 range rover fans is numerous, born to house more than 40 years, with its outstanding performance the raider buggies legend.

from f1 to supercar-mclaren

extensive use of carbon fiber, even now, in the naturally aspirated category is still the fastest production car, mclaren is a madman in crazy.

the bmw 6 series

the classic two-door car luxury bridge, eritrea, luxury means that year is very expensive, so, in the last century, the bmw 6 series and not so friendly.


f1, the formula one world championship(the fia formula one world championship) for the meaning of the auto industry.

the national sports car-chevrolet corvette

corvette(corvettes) once carrying worldwide(become general to retain the title of the first coupe).above is the"national sports car-chevrolet corvette

may be the best domestic mixed muscle cars-ford mustang

ford focus rs

rs flowing fox and v8 ford mustang distinct blood, like involving cars, right?well, you used to call him app.

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