why the dragon emergency move?behind the five hundred fuel cars are banned


dragon move

buck the survival necessity to

for a car company,"move"usually means big changes.for the last two years the development of a certain difficulties, for dongfeng-citroen automobile in 2018 after the new year's big move a bit hasty, dongfeng-citroen automobile announced on january 10, said:since january 15, 2018, dongfeng citroen, dongfeng peugeot two unified brand department moved to wuhan office, including dual brand marketing major functions concentrated in shanghai office.

buffer only five days time, some employees so expressed discontent.and dongfeng-citroen automobile official said:"dongfeng citroen and dongfeng peugeot both centralized and unified brand department moved to wuhan office, facilitate the exchange and collaborative work, is helpful to quick reaction, quick decision-making, improve the efficiency of operations."

at present, china and southeast asia area operational headquarters, psa group dongfeng group headquarters and dpca are the first, second, third factory is located in wuhan.

in dongfeng-citroen automobile's official release, face to face with the difficulties dongfeng-citroen automobile in 2017-the dongfeng-citroen automobile development suffered a huge challenge.in order to save, the dragon to the change to the development, to innovation breakthrough, clear the path and the"three steps"strategy"back on track"core goal, has adopted a series of reform measures, make the sales gradually warming trend.

it is worth mentioning that in recent years frequently"move"brand always law system.in july 2016, officially announced the psa group, china and southeast asia operational headquarters(dasi) in wuhan;in september the same year, changan psa shenzhen sales company moved from shanghai back to headquarters.

casters brand development in china in recent years, the adjustment of dpca, it should be said that due to various reasons such as cost, efficiency.but to help dongfeng citroen and dongfeng peugeot two brands out and realize bottomed out, obviously was not a move can completely solve.in 2018, dpca perhaps there will be more action.


553 fuel car was behind cutoff

recently, a"over five hundred vehicles will be banned from production"of news, but in fact, this event is not as influential as its title.

machine technology service center of the vehicle, the notice said that the ministry of machinery industry department agreed to instruct, to does not conform to the gb19578-2014"the passenger vehicle fuel consumption limits"the requirements of the models, since january 1, 2018 to stop production.the fuel consumption models to make a total of 553, involving 57 enterprises, including some luxury car brand.

553!looks scary, but in fact, in the models in the cutoff of 553, most to the public for many years and renewal of old models, some models have stopped production halt to the sale of manufacturer, but these models are still in the catalog.for example, to be cutoff of byd g6, s6, such as cars, byd, said"involved in the list of byd cars, were identified as has been discontinued or delisted".

it's not hard to see, this is production halt to the sale of more than 500 models, but the impact on the enterprise actual operation is very limited.but for car companies, this is a very clear signal that the government has decided to reduce carbon emissions, at the same time in the new energy vehicles subsidies tuipo and"double integral"policy after landing, the multidimensional policies to encourage and support for new energy vehicles.new energy car allowance will be cancelled in 2020, but a policy of double integral effect.


in 2017, less than 2% growth in passenger car

rgl association:this year may lower

the china association of automobile manufacturers, according to figures released on january 11, 2017, china's automobile production and sales of 29.0154 million and 28.8789 million, up 3.19% and 3.04%, down 11.27% and 11.27% year-on-year growth.

in 2017, our country automobile industry faced with certain pressure, on the one hand, due to the preferential tax rate is reduced, the passenger car market in 2016 overdraft in advance;new energy automobile policy adjustments on the other hand, to have an impact in the first half of the sales.

by the preferential tax rate decreases, the influence of passenger car production and sales growth slowed markedly in 2017, is the level of minimum annual increase since 2008.in 2017, passenger car production and marketing finished 24.807 million and 24.718 million, respectively, year-on-year growth of only 1.6% and 1.6% respectively.

rgl association predicts that domestic automobile market or sales of 29.87 million units in 2018, is expected to grow by 3%.due to the influence factors of automobile market in 2018 the overall negative, growing passenger cars and commercial vehicles under the background of slowed, 2018 full-year sales growth is expected to may be lower than in 2017...

in 2017, new energy automobile production and sales are close to 800000, year-on-year growth of 53.8% and 53.8% respectively.in the policy of"double integral"close in 2018, new energy vehicles may be is a rare bright spot.


led grams to north american plants?

geely and luxury brand led walked away quickly and steadily, it's not, g is said to be going to the usa again.

according to american media, in the luxury brand of geely's collar are considering to build factories in north america, to expand its global productivity.now get g has not been listed on the north american market.

collar, vice president of wei silan(alain visser), said the collar, or will the new factory address in north america, south carolina ridgewell.geely's volvo luxury brand this year will also be in the new factory.but get g supply chain will be different from other carmakers.collar, plans in the north american market, according to customer order production cars, consumer can choose and online ordering from the factory directly.


faw, dongfeng, soldiers loaded subsequently renamed

state-owned automakers and more action?

mentioned dragon"move".for the chinese, there are more important things than moving around, one of them is the"name".

on january 2, china ordnance equipment group co., ltd., said in a news release, on december 28, 2017, completed the company restructuring, enterprise name by"china ordnance group co., ltd."changed to"china ordnance equipment group co., ltd.".independent car company in changan, belonging to the troops group.

at the end of last year, dongfeng and faw has also joined the"limited"two words in the full name.increase the"limited"two characters, indicates the nature of the company.the renamed china faw, dongfeng motor, and army group, company nature already from the original state-owned enterprises into a wholly state-owned company.this means that the domestic three big state-owned enterprises have completed the company restructuring.

the renamed company, in addition to the change of the nature of enterprise, more to the point on the running mechanism and to realize the fundamental change, switch to the corporatization, market-oriented operation in state.there is no denying the fact that this for quite a few cars state-owned enterprises, is a challenging task.

more than a month ago, china faw, dongfeng automobile, changan automotive three state-owned enterprises has just signed a strategic cooperation framework agreement was seen as a prelude to the upcoming restructuring the industry.in 2018, a few large state-owned enterprises in auto industry giants, perhaps also will have more articles on"reform"two characters

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