medium size to push jirongwei suv

in 2017, is undoubtedly the roewe brands a great success.on a wave of high-speed internet+field forward, roewe bold chose to introduce the concept of the internet, automotive products, thus has produced a series of internet car headed by rx3, i6.

in the new energy vehicles will become a"new climate"big background, the roewe has successively launched erx5, ei6 and other new energy vehicles, and gradually build it became the star of autonomous vehicles.takes the lead in putting forward in saic"electric","made"and"intelligent"and"sharing"the new concept of modernization, the automotive industry as saic roewe backbone of passenger car independent brand, is bound to lead the way in front of a lot of people, thus promote many independent brands to the"four modernizations".

as a result, in the beginning of 2018, roewe brands will launch performance of new products, will no doubt be independent car companies and the focus of public attention.below, we to comb in a year, roewe brands will get many new models.

small suv finally to come?-roewe rx2

in the roewe suv products series, rx5 as the first to launch vehicles has won the market the representative of the internet car rx5 suv in smoke camp successfully opening out their own heaven and earth.and latecomers rx3, both in terms of shape and size and"benchmarking"rx5 differ not quite, so the overall feeling is not like a big brother rx5"glamorous".

(roewe rx5)

since belonging"internet car", must in all aspects in theory reflects the"alternative"thinking of the internet.on body size, belong to the compact suv rx3 and rx5 although respectively occupying a-with a+level position, but unavoidably slightly lack gene in the internet"delicacy", so the arrival of the rx2 is particularly important.

(roewe rx3)

although the internet is not related to the rx2 images, but positioning small suv it there is no doubt more in line with the legendary"slash youth"preferences."pieces of large enough"is the be fond of of people, but little body size and strong internet elements to specific expression of contemporary youth"refining".rx2 is undoubtedly more personality, therefore, a car, the only thing to worry about, as it may allow the rx3 positioning become more vague.

trendy also should be"tough"--roewe rx8

rx5 made harvest, no doubt greatly add to the roewe determination to continue upward attack.watched the kei es8 models at a higher price on the"play"are flawed, confident his roewe just stand by.recently, the roewe continually broke its new model rx8 vehicle information.

the vehicle positioning 7 medium or large suv, is expected to pick up 2.0 t engine, and matching six-speed automatic addition, the new car will use the monocoque body, and equipped with tod all-wheel-drive system, main hardcore off-road style!this means that the roewe rx8 and positioning of urban kei gs8 mainly, the highlander models didn't make too much conflict.

however, it is good for always stylish roewe new fact, the roewe after production hard suv is not without precedent, folk w5 is a carry"cross-country gene"models.over time, the arrival of the rx8 obvious signal will return to traditional off-road style.the new car will use saic chase d90 platform, so don't need too much doubt in technology, but how will such a straightforward bold models and sci-fi fashion internet gene combination, seems to be a not easy addition, we might as well think about exactly what kind of consumer groups, to such a trendy and wild,"duplicity"7 models?

(saic chase d90)

will be exactly-fashion roewe i5/ei5

in terms of shape, people used the double-box saloon car is black and white, accustomed to the suv plump, also fed up with all kinds of transboundary models of visual stimuli.count, it seems that only a station wagon still maintained a relatively high"novelty".

the guangzhou auto show in november last year, roewe ei5 show in public for the first independent models in one of the few travel version of the car there is no doubt more eye-catching than other models, the model reflects the sense of"trendy"level.besides, as a pure electric vehicle ei5 also has a new"heart".will be combined with a pure electric station wagon, around the world are hard to find traces, roewe have to finish it.

in addition, the gasoline version models i5 information also have been exposed.with reference to the baojun 310 w of special sales, if the i5 series can have a reasonable price, you should not worry too much about"the old station wagon niche".

"concept"variable production-roewe rx7

roewe vision-e concept car has started in the 2017 shanghai auto show, its overall size is bigger than cash rx5, automobile body line is more elegant, sharp look impressive.recently, roewe vision-e production version of the model of road test photos on the internet.the overall appearance and interior of the new concept car design elements, will be a large number of reference or name roewe rx7, and will be officially went on sale in 2018.

(vision-e concept car)

in perspective, roewe suv brand overall level of family although appearance level is quite high, but with rx5 rx3 is too similar in shape.the roewe vision-e concept car, compared with significantly more radical in modelling.if you can use the car element to launch this year of production models, roewe suv family appearance level level is likely to further increase.

(vision-e concept car)

in power system, the new car is likely to be like a concept car with double motor drive, 0-100 km/hour speed up time is not greater than 4 seconds, range is not less than 500 addition, the new car is expected to support wireless charging technology, charging 15 minutes can reach 80% of battery capacity, enough to travel 250 km.if truly achieve the above data, new car will have a great may break the traditional routine performance of new energy vehicles.

code is still unknown, roewe marvel x

a few days ago, spread on the network is a group of saic roewe of pure electric vehicles to declare new figure, new car tail marked with marvel x, it is understood that the logo is only for internal code, the future is expected to use the new name.this new car will pick up the rear dual drive motor, the motor power is respectively 116 hp(85 kw) and 71 horsepower(52 kw), and is equipped with the ternary lithium power battery.

declaration according to the diagram view, new car appearance design style, still keep family there are big differences compared with the existing models, especially the article added throughout the tail light chrome plated tail gate design, significantly closer to the mainstream of the current design addition, the power of new energy vehicles is different from general configuration, double motor matching in walking function on the basis of the further pursuit of performance, for the contemporary mainly after 90 young people have no doubt"deadly"appeal.

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