geely, great wall sales break what millions of chery them one hundred times stronger than the grades

in 2017, is extraordinary one year for chery, chery's sales in the domestic market slump lineup, sold to view to treasure to 25% shares, sold to kaiyi wuliangye 51% stake, 1-in november 360900, the year sales basic fixed at around 400000, geely, great wall than millions of sales were terrible.

chery automobile has always been the old cow is one of the most admired chinese brand, the reason is chery's research and development capabilities and technical reserve belong to the leading level in domestic enterprise.its view to brand though so far is still a"loss", but the standard of building cars nor other domestic brands.

love casino, while chery in the domestic sales of cannot compared with geely, great wall and so on millions of members of the club, but chery in the international market sales have left them more than a few 2017, according to chery exports accumulated 107727 cars, new car accumulative total exports has more than 1.3 million overseas.

at present, chery automobile has covered more than 80 countries and regions in the world market, set up 1500 sales and service outlets and 10 overseas production base.tiggo or dingle and arrizo series models as chery's global strategy, in the overseas market sales have maintained good momentum.

what let chery won the overseas markets, is increasingly unpopular in china?women's personal view is that company research and development of new models and brand strategies are standing in the point of view of the global market, not to do is only suitable for domestic market products, coupled with the rapid development of other domestic brands over the years, squeeze the chery's market share.

so the question comes, chery don't care about the domestic market at that time the gain and loss, and focused on the practice of global markets or not?and what are the pros and cons?the old cow welcome a great god message this comment!

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