have they crisscrossed all not afraid!recommend several drive cars!


now vehicles for urban households is not rare.so-called warm lust(don't want to slanting oh), look forward to making a person is more and more.the key issue is so come, that is what kind of car is more suitable for drive?

the first thing to clear that drive is divided into driving and short drive long distances, that is why there is a little difference on the vehicle choice.then it respectively introduces several models for you, of course this is all small make up one's opinion, the final option is in your own hand.

long drive

at home about long road trips, yunnan tibet needless to say all is preferred.although compared with the past a lot of places have the good condition of pavement road, but more in-depth experience will meet a lot of pure cross-country road.

so at this time the choice of vehicle is likely to make some sacrifices in terms of comfort.

1.toyota prado

japanese brand of this car is very famous a battle-hardened suv, derived from the rand cool luze series after its various aspects to further improve performance, from the appearance can only feel it sliding sideways domineering.

2018 toyota prado

the latest edition of the prado 3.5 l in terms of power v six-cylinder naturally aspirated engine, although without the turbo, but the maximum power of up to 280 ps, peak torque of 365 n · m.

in order to cope with cross-country road, vehicle is equipped with a hill auxiliary and slow down the steep slopes and practical function.

2018 prado

of course, not only can prado crisscrossed, they are comfortable, not to say how good, but can be used as household vehicles completely, adequate space is to let a person gasp in admiration.

2.jeep wrangler

in the country when it comes to jeeps, basic became synonymous with off-road vehicle.of course the brand didn't disappoint, wrangler is for people to play with both will also be able to go out wild type tough suv.if you also like a modified, it will be more suitable.even to no man's land exploration, its capacity is more than enough.

new jeep wrangler

just wrangler has long been criticized in terms of comfort, but a new model in the aspect of interior trim materials more fastidious, and interconnected system uconnect will upgrade to the latest version.in the dashboard will be equipped with 8.4-inch display, 4 g lte, gesture, apple carplay and android auto got promoted to comfort.

new wrangler interior

3.land rover found

land rover discovery is a very tough off-road suv models.although it is true that in tibet and other performance than prado, but in other parts of the cross-country degree or have enough ability to deal with it.

the appearance of tough guys don't have to go into too much colour, fifth-generation models adopted home bias monocoque body of urban roads, but in the past that preserved good cross-country performance.

land rover found five

motivation to use 3.0 v l six-cylinder mechanical turbocharged engine(250 kw, 450 n, m), matching is eight speed automatic transmission.in addition to carrying all-wheel-drive system and contains five kinds of mode(normal, grassland, muddy/rut, sand and rock/snow) of the second generation of all-terrain feedback adaptive system.

land rover found five

plus double cross arm type independent front suspension and multi-link rear air suspension, any way can in the most appropriate state driving steadily.short drive

and long-distance drive, short will not bring too much pressure on the vehicle, so you can choose more suitable for home, of course the price also more populist.

1.mazda cx-5

the clothes make the man horse saddle, not to mention stressed men feel ride the mazda.

colorful first touching the soul of dynamic design is enough to add another color for short-distance travel.plus administrative levels feeling and simple sense is very good interior, short trip will be very comfortable.

cx-2017 mazda 5

in addition, the vehicle is adopted with chi blue sky technology of engine, equipped with the gvc acceleration vector control system, both movement and smooth.of course as the leader in urban suv, in the history of storage space, too.

cx-2017 mazda 5

2.honda cr-v

than in the past, the latest edition of the honda cr-v become more stylish in appearance, and this is very much a atmosphere of short-distance travel.

overall interior layout elegant grade, both in black soft material and brown wood grain board, neat technology feels dye-in-the-wood is integrated in the control of the lcd panel.

2017 honda cr-v

motivation is equipped with a 1.5 l turbocharged(142 kw, 243 ps) and 2.0 l naturally aspirated engine(107 kw, 175 ps), more than enough if only for short trips.

last year also created hybrid vehicles, fuel economy is more outstanding.

2017 honda cr-v

3.toyota camry

aren't always still want to keep a place for cars.here, of course, the toyota camry is new the eighth generation models, old words from appearance can see users ages have to middle-aged upwards.

new models based on the new platform development, exterior and interior look brand-new, overall style more sharp movement.

2018 toyota camry

while power system adopts self-priming 2.0 l and 2.0 l naturally aspirated engine thermal efficiency(40%) and composed of the hybrid system.according to whale brother before test, a new generation of camry continuation of the usual power output, that is very good, in the stage of high-speed power reserve faultless.matching is 8 speed at automatic gearbox, calibration methods seem to be very positive, both in gear changes and acceleration are great.

2018 toyota camry

summary:drive to modern life has gradually become an indispensable part of the.but before drive must not be carried away by excitement, there are still a lot of matters need attention.

you will first need to check the vehicle condition comprehensively, ready for basic repair tools and necessities(oil, antifreeze, glass of water, etc.).

secondly develop good travel plans, let some impression in the brain.if it is a long journey, food and drinking water are essential, one thousand in traffic or waiting for rescue somehow able to survive.

the road don't fatigue driving, can the path of the day it is best not to walk in the evening.what vehicle license, id these small things should be unified in the easy to remember.

in addition, you can also prepare some medicine for a rainy day.the last hope you in the future you get to be happy and safe arrived at each destination.

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