yangzhou has really sharing cars!although only a


in 2018, yangzhou for a wedding!

by the shanghai international auto city group's global car at company investment of new energy car share formally running with the dimension in the development zone.

the first shared cars have in yangzhou"roots"--first in three pilot, agencies and institutions on the 12 electric car.

is expected by the end of this year, the city will achieve 250 outlets, 400-400 new shared cars, the new 1000 charging piles.points will be from expanding into the business circle in government institutions, colleges and universities, such as scenic spots crowded places.

according to reports, recently, yangzhou high-tech zone pilot layout evcard also shared bus.

as the city's first new energy on the pure electric car share one of the regions, the high-tech zone in gyan road sports leisure park(gian north road riding road), planning exhibition hall(cross three innovation road), some factories lujian south road(innovation), jin rong industrial park(south road of xingnong lujian) layout parking bays four, about 20 parking spaces.

evcard car share the entire mobile phone app autonomous operation, free membership, and charge by the minute.sharing the car put citizens increased a way of public transportation.according to introducing, every car has 1 million pacific insurance, travel is easy.

share similar borrowed bicycle

the app to find car, mobile phone unlocked can drive away

as shared cycling, open the app and find a nearby car share, to make an appointment first, find the vehicle again after using a mobile phone to unlock, can drive away.

in general, shared cars by the minute, 30-36 yuan per hour.users have to register, on the app id card, driving license is required to provide the time of registration for real-name certification, and pay the deposit of$1000.1000 yuan deposit to ensure no traffic violations, if there is traffic violations, fine will be deducted from the deposit.after the car at the end of the user, will return the deposit after confirm no traffic violations.

share car has big data backend support

position, moving speed of each car can see

sharing cars can't depart from the support of big data technology background.shared cars and shared cycling, also uses the gps positioning, every where is the car, is there, what is the speed, can be seen in the background.

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