just add twenty thousand buick lacrosse avenir brings great luxury experience


before last year's guangzhou auto show, buick released the buick brand avenir in china into the second car, buick lacrosse avenir, official guidance sells for 309800 yuan, more than 28 t lacrosse luxury cars expensive, 20000 yuan.on january 11, was invited to come to shenzhen, car wiki app 】 【 the buick lacrosse avenir conducted an in-depth experience, also for lacrosse luxury avenir lays out a new understanding.just add twenty thousand pieces, you can't buy a disadvantage also bought don't fall for it, you can buy is a great luxury experience.

the earl of exclusive high level appearance

lacrosse avenir 28 t can be seen as a lacrosse luxury evolved, namely lacrosse 28 t super deluxe edition, vehicle appearance overall consistent with the normal version, but in the place where details and reveal their distinctive.first of all, says it is the biggest difference between the models with the normal version, lacrosse avenir have avenir models exclusive earl of body color-purple, no matter in what kind of light, faint are revealed in its own noble temperament.

in addition to exclusive color body, on the appearance, lacrosse avenir biggest difference is in the air intake grille with it, it adopt unique 3 d mesh of the intake grille design, including the iconic diamond weave symbolic logo design inspiration from the buick family medieval aristocrat hauberk totem, flying wing type of chrome plated article also become more thick, aristocratic temperament show.

to automobile body side, unique new crown-shaped 19 inches large size wheel hub, highlighted it as avenir models unique feeling and simple sense, at the same time, the bottom of the front door was studded with id"avenir"sign.however, except for color matching, grille, wheel hub, and sign on the appearance, lacrosse avenir with ordinary version has been, perhaps this is low-key luxury.

above detail adorns luxury

the buick lacrosse avenir appearance successfully attract, small lord is eager to look at it to belong to count the identity of the high level of the appearance, if it brings to the owners have a noble enjoyment of inner strength.the answer is yes, lacrosse avenir moment of interior details in convey it went the earl of identity and luxury.

start driving a car door, greeted by a wide thick seats it seats chose to"full grain quality first-class"bull leather, with fine punching and suture, the back of a chair leather diamond embossed in the sense of luxury and promoted a grade.actual ride, the front seat both softness and package, for small lord left a deep impression, no exaggeration to say that the front is enough to comfort to the luxury class c car.

the front seat comfort satisfaction, and the back?as a buick lacrosse topped the most high-end models, lacrosse avenir back, of course, is also its key.in addition to the front seat of the same material and stitching process, lacrosse rear seat equipped with seat avenir heating ventilation function, and supported by electric back angle adjustment and massage function.thanks to its wheelbase 2905 mm, the rear legroom performance is very good also,"beijing paralysis"is not a problem~

in addition to the seat on the materials and configuration of hard power can bring the experience of luxury, lacrosse avenir ornament on detail also greatly boosted its luxurious feeling, highlights the exclusive in lacrosse avenir taste and style.such as the car a column, column b, c and all covered with faux suede coated;welcome pedals and avenir headrest said;flow of diamond grain interior trim panels, etc., not only has excellent touch, but also bring more luxurious atmosphere of quiet cockpit.

on texture at the same level leading

static experience, after a small master for buick lacrosse avenir above the luxury have very deep understanding, but as a car, the consumer the most significance and its driving up ride texture, lacrosse avenir performance in this respect?in a word, at the same level in the lead.

power on, buick lacrosse avenir carrying the buick new gold power partner:won the"top ten of the world"2.0 t sidi direct injection turbocharged engine and 9 speed hydra-matic intelligent transmission.among them, the engine of the maximum power of 192 kw/192 rpm, a maximum power of 350 n · m/2000-5000 rpm;transmission application of more than 60 general patent technology, nine forward gears tooth than distribution density, using two overdrive settings, and to allow within 90 kilometers per hour to 9 block, not only when the high-speed cruise more fuel-efficient, but also makes the car more quiet.

thanks to lacrosse avenir carry gold power combination, in the actual driving, both the speed of dynamic response and dynamic comfort, lacrosse avenir the sense that gives a person is not only the power of energetic, and very good control.in addition, its abundant technology configuration also let the control more than 5 meters long it becomes extremely easy and safe.

these configurations include:a new generation of buick eprotect intelligent security and econnect intelligent science and technology of the internet.the former includes pd pedestrian recognition/protection, cmb collision mitigation, acc adaptive cruise, lka lane keep, apa automatic parking system, hba intelligent light control and informative hud head-up display function, etc.

in the chassis, lacrosse avenir adopted after the front macpherson multi-link suspension system, the emphasis has been placed on the very solid, both filtering bumps and steering, roll support all.at the same time, the second generation of the cdc's full-time active hydraulic vibration system can real-time monitoring and intelligent adjusting vibration absorber damping, road to ensure a better damping and handling, make driving such a large car has a lot of fun, driving texture is leading at the same level.

a day's drive experience, whether in design, materials or configuration, simple sense, buick lacrosse avenir is less than the strength of the luxury brands.it is understood that in addition to the lacrosse avenir itself above the experience, lacrosse avenir users can also enjoy the buick for avenir brand exclusive tailor-made customized services, including professional team support for owners of private cars housekeeper tailor-made private car ownership plan;car, car, car ownership users in 4 s shop exclusive private space;also provide value-added services for five years, including model since the lease free of charge, airport, road rescue, deep clean interior, etc., meet the demand of owner more daily life.

as the change of the times, modern high-end groups of aesthetic taste and the transport demand is also changing, from the pursuit of material to the pursuit of spiritual enjoyment, from seek celebrity to the pursuit of individual character and grade.this is because of this, buick avenir brands just arises at the historic moment.it is understood that the buick model avenir sells more than 4000 units, in the past one year and has been in short supply.

so, as a buick avenir in china on the second model, lacrosse avenir with 309800 yuan price is very competitive, and the pursuit of high-end and alternative consumer also has a new choice.

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