new accord highlander is to write down key japanese total car into china

watched in 2017 will be the past, carefully review this year, you know, what are the new cars which sell good or bad?i think many people estimate is blankly, every year at the beginning of the exemptions will be telling myself, want to have a plan, don't be too particular.again, for we buy a car, want to buy the right model first, you have to know when the car market, earlier you may also need to know when it into china, therefore, in view of these, a 2018 new timetable will be particularly important to exemptions for everyone lists the japanese brand will be introduced into china in 2018, 24 new models, like japanese friends to cheat sheet write down oh.

honda blockbuster models:guangzhou honda accord new

new hook:sneak back body design, for the first time with 1.5 t engine

is a subsidiary of guangzhou honda accord a midsize car, have been born in the 9.5 generation models, uses a 2.0 l and 2.4 l and 2.0 l hybrid naturally aspirated engine of three kinds of power matching, and this is the tenth generation coming into china.

it is understood that the tenth generation accord will use 1.5 t+cvt power combination, and honda in recent years, the new civic, crv carrying on the machine, and it is also the first time accord cars carry turbo power, visible honda plans to thoroughly implement the turbine and comprehensive compromise of the chinese market.the new 1.5 t engine maximum power of 142 kw and 243 nm peak torque, super cash vehicles carrying power system parameters, the future should also have a better driving car appearance has also made big adjustment, sneak back body, large matrix led headlamp unit led taillights, c type of join make overall modelling is becoming more fashionable, i believe i can more for around 30 years old, young consumers.

the blockbuster model:guangzhou new toyota highlander

new hook:before the new face shape

highlander in the domestic market has been the existence of god in general, all kinds of price, no car, high resale value, and so on the news, but the highlander is still selling so well, but also are in short we still wanting more of the old one, the new highlander also will immediately in 2018 formally met with us.

as a 5 and 7 version of the midsize suv, highlander is each big dealer sales of main models, and we also get the information through a distributor, the new highlander listed formally in march next year, prices or to sell 240000 yuan.compared with cash models, the new highlander appearance has the biggest change is that before the face of parts, a new trapezoid intake grille on the dimensions to 4890 * 1925 * 1715 mm, wheelbase 2790 mm, compared to cash vehicles, car body length increased by 35 mm.motivation, new car will pick up 2.0 t turbo engine, maximum power 162 kw and 350 nm peak torque, 6 at the gearbox transmission matching.for the car, the exemptions with two words simple summary, the doctrine of the mean.

its heavy vehicle:new dongfeng nissan qashqai

new hook:before the face of bend, modelling is more young

as a compact suv, nissan qashqai monthly average sales remain at around 12000, performance is not bad, but compared with honda's bean intellectual, xrv qashqai volume is not large, but if you want to change their short board, promote sales, to launch new models will no doubt on this matter.

at present, the middle of the qashqai change models has been officially released in last year's geneva motor show, compared to cash models, a new front face modelling overhaul.intake grille adopts"u"type design, internal joined the chromium plated adornment, and on both sides of the large led headlamp unit together, embodies the younger design concept.power, the new qashqai cash incentive combination, is expected to continue carrying 1.2 t and 2.0 l engine, including 2.0 l engine maximum power 110 kw, peak torque of 200 nm, drive system to match cvt transmission.change the qashqai, dynamical system is unchanged, and the configuration between the distribution of specific exemptions temporarily also don't know, the only hope is that can't reach the center of the armrest really a good change.

the subaru blockbuster models:the subaru ascent

new hook:subaru's biggest seven suv

to some domestic market as a"frigidity"car companies, all subaru models have to import way to transport to the home, which makes its price is higher than other japanese companies.although the level of engine and all-wheel-drive technology one-step wulin, but subaru in home ownership is low, accessories difficult maintenance and high maintenance cost problem bothering many consumers want to buy the subaru models, so, if we see in the domestic open subaru owners, that don't think twice about it, it must be a subaru love powder.

today, subaru has brought a new choice for the true love powder, it is the ascent.ascent is the subaru's upcoming 7 a large suv, a positioning above the front face use banner type intake grille, wrapped around the chrome-plating decorations, big chy-tech joined the led daytime running lights.extend from the front to rear lights set side waist line, rim shape of double five spider.the rear of the biggest bright spot is that throughout the series type of chrome plated details on both sides of the headlamp unit.motivation, new car carrying a 2.4 t turbo engine, maximum power 194 kw and 375 nm peak torque, driving system match cvt transmission, and provides the all-wheel-drive system.for us, the subaru launched seven suv is a good thing, after all, one more choice, but for subaru love powder, the price of this car i think is the most let a person look forward to, what do you say how much its pricing is appropriate?

infiniti blockbuster models:infiniti qx50

new hook:a new platform, all aluminum body

infiniti has been in the domestic market is small, unlike bba products carried out in china, infiniti always like taking fewer but better line, and this brand-new qx50 also finally is to in the next year and we formally.

in accordance with the plan, new qx50 next year factory in dalian.compared to the last generation models, new car it may be said"reborn", using the new design language, aesthetic models more younger than cash;production platform for infiniti by car platform upgrade new skyline addition, a new qx50 carrying the world's first production variable compression ratio of vc-turbo engine, the 2.0 t engine maximum power of 200 kw, peak torque of 380 nm, dynamic parameters than cash models naturally aspirated 2.5 l engine.future new qx50 listed after, will compete the audi q5, mercedes-benz glc, such as cars, as a result, luxury brand midsize suv market next year will once again to have an intense fighting.

acura blockbuster models:guangzhou new acura rdx

new hook:domestic price is expected to decline after

as a high-end brand, honda acura on domestic market power is also up over the last two cdx has achieved initial success, shortly before the gac acura also again to tlx-l for domestic, is it go step by step and have smooth and, in the second paragraph suvs rdx also will formally entered the domestic domestic immediately, for its future performance, exemptions is looking forward to it.

the graph is cash acura rdx

according to the gac acura, officials said new rdx in north america auto show will be in the form of domestic introduce domestic after starting., according to official forecast figure on the new car looks on the precision concept car design concept, pentagon intake grille with matrix led headlamp unit, give a person with strong sense of visual impact.motivation, a new rdx is expected to be in a 2.0 t turbo engine, transmission, or match 9 at the addition, after the reference to domestic tlx-l and imported tlx price difference, we expect the domestic new rdx price in 290000 yuan, is expected to be a sharp fall in 100000 yuan.if so, can be a good news for our consumers.

mitsubishi heavy vehicles:gac mitsubishi eclipse cross

new hook:sneak back type modelling design

mitsubishi in china this year as the most popular outlander, it also let mmc again appear in people's horizons, it may be said.a recruit, however, it is good to eat fresh all day, but in the face of increasingly fierce market competition, mitsubishi must also speed up the launch of their new models, and the eclipse cross is a coupe of mitsubishi brand new suv models.

in the medium-term plan released earlier, mitsubishi motors will clearly put forward in the domestic, outlander in china import new commodities such as"eclipse cross".new car uses the younger design language,"x"shape intake grille, sneak back roof, tie-in subduction type waist line, build a strong movement.led lamps light at the end of the body after the identification is extremely high, throughout the back window design is novel.motivation, eclipse cross or carrying 1.5 t engine, maximum power 120 kw, maximum power 250 nm, transmission system is expected to cvt transmission.the appearance of the car exemptions temporarily couldn't predict its future will be how, but from the official figure this model...if not become hot style.

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