w to hybrid camry luxury european platinum silver a tank filled with toyota hybrid is cattle

hybrid has always been a concern, but the old camry interior and exterior is too old, really feeling, wait until the new eighth generation camry, without hesitation, direct ordering, november 16, 17 years for a new camry hybrid deluxe platinum silver, waited for two months, the car arrived, according to sales, this is the first local.

/car ceremony more common

to 4 pm finally finished all the formalities, the registration completed~ go to  kay feed, anyway, is a very fuel efficient hybrid(this is the point that i chose), after eat refined grains, fill up to more than 300 unexpectedly?!!!!!!!!!i was shocked, hybrid is really fuel-efficient, toyota is confident to yourself, do so small tank.

before face.it's domineering

this angle should be a lexus es

new car to my hand is 13 km, fuel consumption has not bottom go to, later in the evening to 7 liters, completely urban road congestion.


say finally driving experience, hybrid is brisk start, special light, very good, and all of the gasoline car feel completely different, but it's not a passion, drivers to pay attention to their own preferences;kick down can vaguely hear the sound of the engine, but normal in downtown, normal speed, without urgent acceleration can't hear you voice, just slightly a bit of tire noise, overall is very satisfactory.

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