chengrui second generation ats and east anglia ats have been loading and modern monopoly will break love and trust?

not long ago, there are news suggests that we will be in this year of automatic gearbox production, the production, because of love and trust of many independent brands will produce a certain negative impact.

love 6 at high transmission quality, also have a good market in domestic, in addition to japanese and law models, changan, gac preach kei two mainstream brands are a large number of purchasing equipment in its models.

of course, now many independent brands have gone dual-clutch route, the great wall of harvard, wei, geely and byd, chery, etc., are a large number of double clutch transmission, but the dual-clutch gearbox driving stability and comfort is unable with the at transmission.a car if it can be equipped with love or modern at 6, that is a good selling point.

however, in 2017, independent automatic transmission enterprise is action.first is the second generation chengrui 8 at formal to the market.

chengrui is among the first companies to independent research and development at the gearbox, through cooperation with german experts, have long been introduced with independent intellectual property rights of 8 at the gearbox, gear in lufeng x7, lufeng x5, lifan hin lang models, etc.

of course, this is the first generation of 8 ats, driving experience, also has the very big promotion space on the shifting logic is not good enough, fuel consumption control also so-so.

in 2017, chengrui introduced the improved the second generation of the at 8, has improved significantly compared with the first generation of products, to attract more auto enterprises procurement, in addition to classical and lifan, zhongtai's big wallace x7, t700, baic phantom s7 models have pick up speed, and allegedly faw-vw have purchasing intention.

chengrui 8 at the specification is high, there are eight forward gears, and purchase cost also has the advantage, the second generation of 8 at if we can continue to optimize, believe there is a big market space.

in addition to chengrui, in 2017, east steam hair also launched a 6 at the gearbox.east steam hair although is a sino-foreign joint venture, with japan's mitsubishi also has shares, but the 6 ats is with independent intellectual property rights.

6 at east anglia although only six gear, but also belong to the mainstream, and has the foreign shareholders such as mitsubishi, the gearbox driving quality very good.

the zhongtai t600 and t600 coupe with this gearbox, launched a 1.5 t+6 at the models of east anglia, the prince of the upcoming t500 and all the company's horse car first models is also carrying a gearbox.even the tiger had pronounced:east anglia how many 6 at purchasing how much.

summaries from 8 at and east anglia chengrui 6 at the market, and get the favour of forms, visible independent automatic transmission has great market space.especially automatic-shift cars now just need to become consumers, broke the monopoly of the love letters and the modern of ats gearbox is of great significance.

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