cost-effective money under the budget can consider all fall to the ground!

1, english lang:automatic 89900

english lang

2018 new english lang to big brother lacrosse, buick new family before flying wing type face have stronger visual impact, look younger.interiors design, still follow the old three radial multi-function steering wheel, dynamic, and full of sporty blue dashboard is comes from the english lang gt s inheritance.

english lang

configuration, all standard esp, tire pressure monitoring, start-stop, multi-function steering wheel, etc, cost performance is the highest in the same level.

if you don't like the turbo engine 1.3 t, so 1.5 l may be our last choice, automatic match 89900, lowest 1.5 l don't buy that doesn't.

2, new elantra:automatic 96800

new elantra

new elantra adopt the latest modern family-run design concept, with its big brother line 9, figure, still the same, the vehicle identification is very high, a look is very"modern".many friends don't like modern, but how to say, the car is also the chinese man-made, tax what big head at home, a lot of people is to show emotion, buy virtue method, at the end of the day to buy korean car.

new elantra

the new elantra with lowest in the automatic after 96800, the price for now slightly tall, still can wait.

3, c4 sega:94800

c4 sega

although law system on the resale value is a bit poor, but the solid ground get out of the way people relish.first saw sega c4, you will feel it like a mass rather than the law, but c6 and c5 are turned into the round shape.

c4 sega

concise fashion able to bear or endure look, flat-bottomed steering wheel movement, in simple terms, kung fu law car are on the ground.the c4 sega has been on the market for some time, discount is bigger, also automatic minimum 94800.

4, emgrand gl:91800

emgrand gl

generation car rather than god, the high quality and sell good in the first paragraph of the domestic car, as the 2018, 2017 discount greatly, slight adjustment, both in appearance and 2018 prices rose slightly, now with 2017 save more than 4000 yuan, it is actually cheaper.<br/>

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