baoding rich spend heavily carry land rover defender owners: for the mekong river action libraries in this car

after the event, china's ministry of public security of cross-border attack captured waxy kang and other criminals, according to the adaptation of the movie in the case, the action of the mekong river has become a phenomenal movie in the latter half of last year.

the film starring zhang, peng, wen-juan feng and other stars, the movie, starring peng(and small make up of the super idol) and zhang in the heat of the chezhan driving is land rover defender, though not the color, but the appearance is very similar.defender has been almost seventy years, finally total sales in 2015 reached 2 million

mr zhang said:this car i normally used for off-road, often with my old friends go to outdoor cross-country, i modified the car, the inlet pipe to the upper front, in order to prevent stall in wading process.i also be a off-road enthusiasts, fall in love with cross-country probably for ten years.

land rover defender 2010 limited edition of ice, fire(imports), and this is my model of this car, starting with 800000 rover defender with a 2.4-litre common rail diesel engine power, the maximum output power to 122 hp, maximum torque of 360 nm, and in the case of 2200 r/min can be achieved 90% of output

this car is called ice and fire, is to use the double color appearance., he had a twin brother.huoban vesuvius orange paint, and use the alaska ice edition white metallic paint.are very powerful.

a limited edition of land rover defender added ray carol(recaro) the car seat, alcantara, alcantara leather upholstery, glass skylights and other configuration, more show its high-end luxury temperament


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