beautiful female university student didi taxi driver leave the driver to smell the smell nearly crash!

a beautiful female college students played a drops, got on the car of female college students have been selfish play phone, about half an hour, female college students go out of the car after arriving at our destination, go after the driver found the co-pilot place a pool of water.

there is a strange smell, at first the driver thought it was accidentally spilled water on the car seat, can be turned to the that girl didn't drink water in half an hour!

drops down to smell the driver once, almost no spitting!it turns out this water is urine!the girl was pretty, how could she do such a thing on her car?even if you can't hold the toilet, why not talk to the driver?you have to pee in the car?

this is to let people don't understand, drops the driver more think more angry, immediately phoned the female college students, thought that female students did not admit, has repeatedly stressed car is help students call!ask her is which classmate, the classmate phone number is how much, but also branched my word not to take for granted!then the driver's phone was blocked!what a terrible thing to do!

how do you think about it?

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