bump into the jam?this is a better way to kill the serb


hello, everyone!

, i believe that many friends have encountered this situation:a traffic jam, there will be a part of people to go to the side to add, let the new driver little heart livers, old drivers angry!

she drove everybody may be added plug, motions with the other hand, play lamp, i also let the...

sometimes encountered malicious traffic jam, if he had entered the lane, i also let let him, because of the shame which teaches us to"meet stoppered cars should slow down give way", no matter whose fault, after all, once had an accident will painstakingly, trouble.


in fact, we can through some distortions, prevent the happening of the gasser behavior, forcing traffic jam"back in the right direction,"road rules!(small bin is not in pick something oh)

what are the cause of be stoppered

body within the lane to the left or right

as below the white car this kind of situation, in the line of driving too slants to the right, this is to add traffic jam to set aside enough stoppered space.


a friend want to stay in the middle of the lane as far as possible, and traffic jam is found, the to add a little traffic jam, press close to"cut off"gasser car into the space, but don't press line, avoid accidents.

diagram has been"prevented"from failure, when the white car should slow down and avoid, but the violation of the traffic jam has been captured, and 200 3 points will not be able to run!

, if the red car in the image below is too far left, it can also easily lead to the back of the car being added.

when driving slowly, too much distance between before and after the

car and spacing is too large, will also add a traffic jam.if is moving, to set aside enough driving distance, let alone stoppered, the somebody else is normal and lines oh~


concentrate, don't play mobile phone, narrow the distance with the vehicle ahead, synchronized forward!but keep in mind that, while reducing the spacing, avoid rear-end collisions.

this road is liable to be stoppered

intersections, borrow turning lanes into straight lane

at the intersections with longer time, because straight lane line is long, many drivers will turn from the lane barging into straight lane, they thought it would faster through traffic lights...


good control and benefit from distance, to add side close to the traffic at the same time, don't leave their gasser space!however, it is important to note that the car will have a certain speed and can not control the distance.

/p>/p>/p>/p>/p bbb/p bbb/p bbb/pbut the slow pace of the slow lane will cause trouble for the fast lane, which is not advisable!


if add traffic according to the rules(advance a dozen lights), can let i let it;if the other person is not polite, then we should add oil, but not too bold.

upper and lower bridge(road)

on bridge, road junctions between up and down the vision zone is easy to have gasser happens, in this case, the added traffic jam are generally from forbid line or straight line forced into the driveway.


go inside lane as far as possible, avoid urinating in cars, as the saying goes"not to be taunted, i hide"."hiding"is not the past, using the method described before to"fight back"!

prevent gasser

well, the gasser skills, friends get up to?i hope you don't use it...driving on the road, safety is the top priority!

bonus:the ultimate killer technique

/p>/p>/p>/p>/p>/p>/p>/p>/p>/p>/p>/p>/p>in order not to be added, the friends try to move bricks!!


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