can a man open a shared car accident damage ten thousand new car repair?

citizens xiao li met a troubling experience, most recently, he had originally planned to sample a test drive to share new energy vehicles, then download a mobile phone software called"easy open travel".xiao li rented an electric car after paying a 2000 yuan deposit on his mobile phone.i didn't expect the car to fail when it was through a puddle, and li was crying.

after the vehicle towed to 4 s shop, technicians found the car battery into the water, need to replace a new set of batteries.xiao li said at the time of rental system prompt vehicle has bought insurance, he thought to replace battery charges will be borne by the insurance company, unexpectedly, insurance company's member told him that the car didn't buy wading insurance, the insurance company shall not claim.xiao li learned that if a group of electric bottles were replaced, it would take nine to nine million yuan.staff at the rental car company said the cost of replacing the battery should be borne by xiao li because of the insurance company's compensation.

a:xiao li said that due to compensation problem not solve, now has been unable to return the car, in addition to 890 thousand maintenance cost, rent also pay one hundred yuan every day, it was at school he can handle.

a:xiao li's father believes that software at the time of rental and no prompt vehicles can't wade, also did not inform the user didn't buy vehicles wading risk, responsibility should be borne by the rental company.

a reporter and xiao li went to the 4 s service station, the staff has confirmed that the vehicle's fault indeed because of battery pack in the water, the only way is to replace the battery maintenance.the staff admitted that the cost of replacing the battery would be$890 million, while the cost of a new car would be more than 50, 000 yuan, and if the cost of the battery was borne by xiao li, it wouldn't be a good deal.

a:xiao li, a high maintenance costs on the one hand, can not accept, on the other hand don't think insurance is a major cause of the accident.on the morning of september 6, they found the head of"easy to travel"company, hoping to solve it through negotiation.the head of the company said that xiao li knew there was a water pit in front of him and continued to drive, even if the company purchased the water insurance, the insurance company would not settle the claim.what they can do now is contact the car manufacturer and try to lower the cost of maintenance, and they will retain the right to sue if they don't pay compensation.

share the new energy vehicles damaged, who will bear the responsibility?for this, the reporter consulted relevant legal profession person.the lawyer believes that the platform for providing car rental services should fulfill fully informed obligations.for the division of responsibility for the accident, li suggested that both sides should take the judicial approach.

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