why not buy a car at the end of the year

every arrive the end of the year, is a time when most car buyers, however, not everyone understand the"doorway"to buy a car, saw many people at the end of a car, a brain directly heat also went to buy a car, after all, the end of the year to buy the car, you can also drive during the spring festival to visit relatives, his own increase many face, the new year with a new car, think about all quite some excitement letting a person.but in fact, buying a car at the end of the year isn't as cost-effective as you might think.here's an analysis of why buying a car at the end of the year isn't a good deal.

first, at the end of the year to buy a car because the car more people, so lead to contact is still inadequate in the car, in a hurry and went down the decision result this car isn't in your mind, right home after a few months found various uncomfortable place, regret.

second, at the end of a car more people, cause years ago on the license plate are also very much, so you must prepare for, is to end while buying the car, but not necessarily in the new year, and if it could not be open during the chinese new year, to tell the truth at the end of the year when the crowded to crowded with people and you didn't make much sense.

the third, the market before the spring festival, every family has a sales promotion activity, not all promotions are favorable, some promotional activities belong to the dark rose"cut", quietly to mention the price up, looks full of beautiful things in eyes"8.8 fold","accepting the 1000 to 5000"but actually, can offer much, really favorable, probably only the sales staff know fairly well, therefore, if not for a long time have focused on the price, just don't buy a car at the end of the year.

4, if you can buy a car, the spring festival is good on a new car, there are ways.is now around november and december it is good to buy a car, don't drag at the end of this year, general period in the 2000 km of new cars, new car parts can occur easily during running-in wear quickly, fault and so on many questions, and if these small problems, repair the spring festival is very vexed, so, had better spend the period before the spring festival, which is cost-effective.

is a problem, since it's not a good deal to buy a car at the end of the year, when is it a good time to buy a car?the answer is, years later, because just over the years, a lot of car dealerships to sprint"start", will give a more affordable price, of course, if you are patient and so on, suggest to wait until the summer when buying a car, that time is the low price period.

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