one country two lord!this is the real reason for the death of taiping!


the taiping heavenly kingdom in chinese history, and even the world history scale and a peasant uprising movement on the vast, swept across great river north and south in a few short years, occupy half of china, strong shock and shake the qing dynasty.but the peasant uprising, which was so powerful, ended in failure, and the land of taiping, which had been built by millions of peasants for more than a decade, collapsed.there are many reasons for this, but the main reason is that there is a rare phenomenon of"one country, two masters"in the taiping heavenly kingdom.this was a serious violation of the historical phenomena of the traditional system of the feudal dynasty, which disintegrated the huge peasant army uprising why does taiping have a history of"one country, two masters"?how did this unusual phenomenon make the mansion of taiping collapse?

the taiping heavenly kingdom movement

as the saying goes:"day, no 2, no country two masters."so why does taiping have a history of"one country, two masters"?how did this unusual phenomenon make the mansion of taiping collapse?from ad 1851, establishing the taiping heavenly kingdom jintian uprising began, the taiping rebels will roll all the way, defeat the qing, soon occupied three towns of wuhan, then send troops along the river, the east in the march 1853 attack to the great wall of nanjing, and in their capitals, renamed"tianjing".

the taiping heavenly kingdom day after beijing its capital, while the northern expedition failure of the taiping rebels, but other military action is still winning back-to-back, good news, especially in the first half of 1856, a series of brilliant victory for the taiping heavenly kingdom on the jiangxi, the taiping army controlled fifty-two prefectures in the province;in hubei, western soldiers defended wuhan, and the qing army attacked again and again;more importantly, in the periphery of tianjing, the taiping army defeated the long and direct threat of the qing army"jiangnan"and"jiangbei"two big this time, however, the power struggle between hong xiuquan and yang xiuqing of the east finally broke out and developed to the point of blood washing.the battle for the power of the taiping heavenly kingdom, known as"the tianjing infighting".it is undoubtedly the inevitable result of the special phenomenon of"one country, two masters"in taiping heavenly kingdom.

"the day of the king's infighting"has turned taiping into a turning point from triumph to failure.the hongyang contradiction has a long history and has a great relationship with the system of"unity of politics and religion"in taiping heavenly his early years, hong xiuquan had been extremely ambitious and extremely ambitious, but he always tried to fail, and in the frustration, confusion, pain and hatred, he founded the worship of god in 1843 with feng yunshan and others.hong xiuquan from some christian pamphlets, think only a god created everything, everything is the only true god, and all other objects worshiped by the people are"evil spirit", must be completely exterminated.he declared himself to be the second son of god, brother of jesus, and to be saved by god's fate.soon after, he and feng yunshan came to the remote guangxi mountainous area to preach, the believers are very many, prepare to launch an uprising.

the taiping heavenly kingdom

however, as nervous preparing uprising, feng yun-shan was arrested in the early 1848, hong xiuquan quickly ran to the rescue.god will be unbowed for a while, the congregation will be in chaos, and the danger of disintegration will be this moment, in the process of industry of ze-cai-er-yong used his quick wits, using the local popular generation of ghost custom message, dumb deaf suddenly, don't eat not to sleep, on the pretext of"father god"mundane, appendage nu wavering, to the general assembly to comply with the father of life with"o lord"hong xiuquan demon kill devil.yang xiuqing's"father's word"in the sense of the divine power to stabilize the hearts, to maintain worship god will organize the important role.

hong xiuquan, after returning from the rescue feng yun-shan confirms yang xiu-qing worship at the critical moment to save the merit of god will admit the legitimacy of the"rumours"generation of father, he admitted that he is the father's poor this way, the taiping heavenly kingdom appeared the special phenomenon of"one country, two masters".in politics, hong xiuquan is the king of heaven, is the lord of a country, the pole man, is called"long live";yang xiuqing is the king of the east, located in hong xiuquan, known as"nine thousand years old".in taiping heavenly kingdom, hong and yang are the relations of junchen.but in religious theocracy, hong was only god, the second son of heavenly father, and yang xiuqing was god, the face of heavenly father.yang xiuqing's position on the divine right was more than that of hong xiuquan, which actually deprived hong xiuquan of the only representative of god on earth.because of the system of"unity of politics and religion"in taiping heavenly kingdom, this actually became a potential challenge to the legitimacy of hong xiuquan's power source in taiping heavenly kingdom.therefore, the protect on political and religious contradiction between parent-child relationships, make hong, yang has been very subtle, this also is for later buried a powerful"day beijing faction"time bombs.

due to yang xiu-qing has excellent organization, command ability, in the east wing on organizational system named king yang xiu-qing was the king, and the seal by the king of all the east group", king position higher than the other, only by hong xiuquan.however, due to yang xiu-qing was higher than in the theocratic hong xiuquan, yang xiu-qing was repeated in many kangqing battle with"father descent"morale proven, so yang xiu-qing often in the name of"descent"father of hong xiuquan.while hong xiuquan is known to be a hoax, he can only pretend to do it, because once the myth has been debunked, even oneself is denied.

the taiping heavenly kingdom movement

days after beijing its capital of the taiping heavenly kingdom, hong xiuquan closed in the palace, indulge in pleasures, shortage in politics, yang xiu-qing's not even a life time, for the meaningless things repeatedly rebuked, humiliation, hong xiuquan, so as to establish his own the end of 1853, yang xiuqing rushed to the royal palace to denounce hong xiuquan in the name of hong xiuquan."is there any fault?"hong xiuquan immediately kneels down to answer:"the kid knows the wrong, beg the father to give the forgiveness."yang xiuqing continued angrily:"he was wrong, the staff of 40."the people have repeatedly asked for hong xiuquan, but yang xiuqing still ordered the was not until hong's face fell on the ground that he was willing to accept the rod.

at ordinary times, yang xiu-qing not wangfu outburst shall, however, in the middle of the night to day, as the door closed for heavy, hong xiuquan greeted later, yang xiu-qing hong xiuquan in the name of the father to anger the rod, hong xiuquan had to kneel beg:"o father amnesty boy delay in sin!"in this way, yang xiuqing and other kings and officials are indiscriminate.over time, the taiping heavenly kingdom has formed a number of important strategies and policies, which have been decided by yang xiuqing and some of the laws and regulations, which were changed by him, and the power of military and military affairs was swept by yang xiuqing.

in august in 1856 ad, tianjing peripheral threat before long, the qing army east of powerful king yang xiu-qing's and the father himself, to push call heavenly king hong xiuquan to east palace, hong xiuquan seal to themselves as"long live", hong xiuquan had to promise:"long live his east king, also when."yang xiuqing pressed again:"don't the east shizi be thousands of years?"hong replied,"the king is long live, and the world is long live, and long live for generations."thus, the long-dormant hongyang contradiction immediately intensified the face of yang xiuqing's every step, hong xiuquan hastened to kill wei changhui, the northern king of jiangxi, and immediately returned to the capital to kill yang xiuqing in the first day of the battle in danyang.

the taiping rebellion

in those days late on september 1, weichanghui rate soldiers back three thousand days surrounded by beijing east palace, into the bedroom, killed the sleeping yang xiu-qing.then blood washed east wangfu, the other officials in the government, guards, yang xiuqing's relatives, servants and other young and old, all killed.kill a open then difficult sealing knife, the department of wei, qin, innocent, slaughter on september 4, alone have to lay down their arms yang xiu-qing more than more than five thousand people, more than a month down to kill twenty thousand people, or even infants are not immune, a terror within the city that this time, in the hubei province of the hebei province of ji wang shi kai heard tianjing infighting hurried back to the sky, trying to stop the indiscriminate killing of wei and qin.but at this time wei changhui has killed red eyes, not only not to listen to the advice, but to kill the a result, mr wei left his family in beijing to cut through the door.after the escape from tianjing, shida drove from hubei to the ministry of 40, 000 elite troops into tianjing, killing wei changhui and qin day class two.

, after the day of the beijing incident, shida was the ideal person to be turned into a government.but after this heart-stopping incident, hong xiuquan was more suspicious of people, only reusing the honghs brothers, to guard against, crowd out, crack down and limit the was the last straw that led to the final exodus of elite troops and the annihilation of the jadu in the dadu river in six years."day beijing faction"weakened the taiping heavenly kingdom, and the"father","day brother"kill each other, the myth of the taiping heavenly kingdom began to be questioned, world peace belief began to burst, began to shake the basis of the taiping heavenly kingdom, the rest of the hundreds of thousands of members of the taiping rebels can no longer powerless, the taiping heavenly kingdom tower collapsed just a question of time.


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