the ten thousand kilometers of toyota engine ripped apart everyone at the moment!

a toyota camry, 450000 km for 11 years, in domestic has to use high strength.domestic family vehicle mileage is around 1-30000 kilometers each year, compared with americans, the united states because of the vast terrain, city and the city space is larger, so the inhabitants of the united states a car can run 5-80000-km a year.and has a very strange question, we usually think big in the united states, and the price cheap, certainly is a large displacement cars in large size, but the ownership of the nation's largest car is toyota camry and corolla, until unwrapped camry puzzle finally solve the problem of

this is more than a decade ago the camry, belong to the early cars, car owners in use vehicles 3 big failure, not a small pipe and wire for replacing the aging, ran more than 450000 km car is relatively rare, and not out of the failure is rare

the camry with a 1 az-fe engine, open the engine cylinder head, the internal structure of the be clear at a glance, to our surprise engine is very clean, no redundant impurities such as carbon deposition and oil.the piston and cylinder walls have a little bit of wear and tear, which is also a 450,000 kilometer.the valve and shaft are also slightly worn, but very slight, and not affected by the performance of the engine.overall engine internal clean, pure and fresh, structure compact, slight wear and tear, and the presence of the repairman don't believe this is a car drove 450000 km

remove the main transmission device-within the engine camshaft, its surface is very weak and wear, the wear range perfectly acceptable, even has been very good, because this shaft in 450000 kilometers of the road has been don't know how to turn the also can reflect, owners are more serious attention in the maintenance, the service life of the engine, is absolutely and maintenance directly related to the length of toyota car maintenance also cheaper, toyota is famous for his"not too"

the above is the engine driving the toyota camry 450000 kilometers, the overall performance is very good, deserves to be the most reliable car brand, the camry is simply a intermediate of toyota vehicles, can think of more advanced lexus quality will be better, toyota in the united states often have driven millions of kilometers, japanese manufacturing precision degree is worth our learning

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