the old driver told you that a new driver is a driver or automatic gear

a novice at the time of buying the first car, often tangled, buy manually or automatically, the players move right fit is difficult, selected automatically, and you are common, then the player to move or automatically, look at how to say old driver

manual advantage:

cost-effective:the same price, can buy manual with high, low buy automatic intelligent matching

low failure rate:manual transmission structure is simple, low failure rate

it is not easy to wrong accelerator:safer, relative to the beginners want to trample clutch, because even if the wrong throttle also won't appear too big problem

most of the car will be:will drive a manual usually open automatic-shift, will open automatic-shift will not necessarily open manual

automatic advantage:

easy:go hang d file, the back to hang r, fool operation, easy to use

high pretend bility:a look at the automatic, have pretend bility than manual, a symbol of high-grade

traffic not tired, throttle, brakes to stop, liberate the left foot.

but manual is the biggest advantage of blocking a large number of people who borrow the car, the biggest advantage of automatic is can touch in driving the co-pilot sister thighs(manual funny)

new male drivers or buy manual, novice women drivers or buy automatic

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