buying a new car can only be done with a price cut to the s store

people love to bargain for everything, and most of them practice bargaining power.but in general, the vast majority of people haggle for"super skills", limited to buying common household items.when a big commodity such as buying a car and buying a house is consumed, it is likely to be confused.because like car, room such commodity, many people can not buy a few times lifetime, lack understanding, practice opportunity ah!but you don't have to buy it;and once you buy it, it's not only possible, it's likely to cost thousands, even tens of thousands of dollars.

cheyu world today will give you prospective owners to share some buyers bargaining skill, need only walk step 5 below, the price cut to 4 s store sales people cry.

first, before buying a car, make sure that the cost of the car is included in the

.generally speaking, the cost of car purchase includes the price of naked car, the purchase tax and the use tax of the vehicle, the car insurance, and the cost of the card.among them, purchase tax, car and boat use tax, car insurance, and the cost of the card, if you do, will generally be cheaper.therefore, the target of bargaining is the price of naked car.

now to online naked car price is very convenient, general like a car industry such as the home site, there will be many owners to share their car prices, before to 4 s shop car, you can go to the website of local purchasing naked car, accomplish know fairly well.

second, bargaining, to understand the 4 s shops internal organization structure

4 s shop layer inside sales organization structure for roughly:manager, director, sales;they can give different privileges to customers.a particular vehicle, for example, the salesperson can give to you the biggest preferential access to 4000 yuan, then the director may at best can give you discount is$7000, whereas the manager could clappers biggest discount of 10000 yuan.

, therefore, it is very important to understand the organizational structure of the internal sales layer of 4s can take delivery as the bait, master the maximum privileges of the salesperson.then he expressed his dissatisfaction with the price, and hoped that he could ask for the guidance of the leader until he reached his psychological bottom price.

third, bargaining is very important to play with

the above said is probably thinking, on the details of operation, cheyu world here and give you a simple number a few action.before you go to the 4s store, you'd better bring your family together, and then you'll have a red face, a voice, and start acting.for example, one person can show interest in the car price and the other does not think's necessary to pull another person to look at other this time the 4s store sales will most likely compromise, then start the new price negotiation.

4, insurance and other fees myself do

in general, if insurance in 4 s shops, then certainly do want to spend more money than they are.therefore, when bargaining, do not mention insurance;if the price of the naked car is negotiated, the 4s shop says you will pay for the car insurance, the card, etc., you must firmly refuse.they see your firm attitude and don't insist on it.

5, buying a car finally"uproot a wool"

in the car after the price negotiations, before the purchase contract, payment, you can go in and"uproot a wool"-they need to find some gifts like vehicle traveling data recorder, mats, in general the more the better.they tend to have a lot of things, and they're not worth a few bucks per se;in order for you to sign the contract and pay as soon as possible, as long as the requirements are not too much, they generally agree.

or above is the sharing of the car world, hoping to be useful to all prospective owners to buy their favorite car.

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